EVE – Scan Success

I logged back in to check on my scanning ability, but another corpmate already made bookmarks. So I, being somewhat lazy, just used those ones instead of performing my own scan.

I was able to run the various errands I needed to for Aurora and Summer. But I ran out of time and left Autumn for another day.

That day was yesterday. The corp bookmarks were old, so I had some motivation to scan for myself. And fortunately, I found that whatever glitch that gave me 0% resolution, was now fixed – I was able to scan to 100% and found my own N110 to hisec. I was relieved, because this is a fundamental ability for a wormhole dweller!

The exit led to Uttindar, fairly close to Dodixie, so I gathered up goods from the planets Autumn is farming, and set a course for the market.

Enroute to Dodixie
Enroute to Dodixie

Once there I sold my cargo for a cool (to me) 164 million ISK. A few more months of this and I’ll have a nice cushion of ISK on all my chars! I’m tempted to train up PI on Aurora… if I can tear myself away from training up her missile skills and bigger ship skills (tech 2 Cruisers, Battleships, etc.)

After returning to the wormhole, I colonized a 6th planet, a gas planet that will produce yet more coolant for Autumn. I’m getting pretty handy at setting up these days:

Gas Planet setup
Gas Planet setup

This is a standard setup: 2 extractors which feed 4 basic industry facilities that feed 2 advanced industry facilities. Everything routes through the launchpad, which also collects the final product (coolant).

I’m experimenting slightly with this planet, and set a 6 day 22 hour extraction cycle. I’m just curious how much worse (or better) it will do versus the 3 day (in actuality 2 day 22 hour) cycles I set. Basically, less maintenance on a weekly basis…

Autumn and Summer are closing in on Command Center Upgrades 5. They are both running 6 planets, and soon will be able to upgrade to the largest planetary command center for the additional power boost. That will come in handy for more extractor heads after the necessary building and links are created. Out of the 12 planets I’m doing PI on, 9 or 10 are fine with the power/cpu that CCU4 provides, but those 2 or 3 other ones could use a little bit more. Soon… next time I check on my factories I’ll be ready to upgrade the ones that need it.

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