EVE – No Way Out

I had grandiose plans for my EVE session tonight. Well, grandiose for me. 😉

Aurora finished training Drones 5, and is ticking down on Caldari Cruiser 5. So I was going to fly out and buy a few more skills books: Drone Interfacing, Drone Sharpshooting, Caldari Battleship, and probably a few other misc ones.

Summer and Autumn have both finished training Interplanetary Consolidation 5 and are ticking down on Command Center Upgrades 5. They both need to haul goods to market (Coolant and Mechanical Parts), get extra Command Centers, and do some misc stuff (buy Water to finish off a mostly completed Nano-Factory, upgrade clones, etc).

But… none of that happened because something seems to be wrong with scanning, probes, the updates, I’m not sure.

This is Aurora, zoomed in as far as possible on a signature, but only getting 0% resolution.

0% Resolution
0% Resolution

Without finding the N110 exit, I couldn’t really do anything so I logged off a bit disappointed. I needed to get to the market and access medical facilities, so the exit to hisec was absolutely required.

I searched outside EVE and found a bunch of old posts about broken scanning, but nothing seemed recent. So… not sure. I guess I’ll check back in a few days and see if it is working again.

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