EVE – Wormhole Relic Site

I finally scanned a relic site on an evening I had some spare time to explore it. It went well, but slow, so I’ll make some changes before next time.

I warped to the site to find 2 Awakened Escorts, the first wave of Sleepers guarding the site. Aurora was in a RLML Caracal which worked, but not very well. I found I could tank the damage of 2 or 3 Sleepers while killing one, and then have to warp off to repair armor and let my shields regen. Still, I made slow and steady progress and after ~45 mins or so, switched to my Buzzard to start salvaging wrecks.

Salvaging Sleeper Wrecks
Salvaging Sleeper Wrecks

This took about 15 mins to finish up.

Finally, time to try my hand at the relic sites with the relic analyzer!

Unfortunately, after beating the mini-hacking game, I opened the cargo to find… nothing. This made me remember I had a cargo analyzer, so I used on the other 3 sites and also found nothing at all.

Except there was one more wrecked ship floating around, a Derelict Talocan Frigate. I don’t remember fighting it so perhaps it was also part of the relic site.

I couldn’t open it, and before getting frustrated and leaving I tried the relic analyzer and up popped another hacking mini-game. I was rewarded with a Wrecked Hull Section for my efforts.

Exploration Loot
Exploration Loot

So my total haul for this exploration evening fit into the cargo bay of my Buzzard. I was able to sell everything at a hub for a total of 12.1 million ISK profit.

That’s decent, and it was fun to collect. I understand exploration is kind of like a lottery, sometimes you don’t get much but once in a while you hit it big.

Now, things to change: RLML is too slow. In the same trip where I sold this stuff, I refitted to Heavy Assault Missile launchers and Mjolnir Heavy Assault Missiles. I’m hoping the extra DPS takes down the Sleepers faster, making the whole thing take less time, which makes me less vulnerable to somebody passing by and jumping in.

Second, I’ll try working the relic site before looting wrecks. I was bummed 4 of the 5 cargo holds were empty (I’m counting that Derelict Telocan Frigate as part of the relic site), but maybe there is some timer and the loot despawned while I was salvaging wrecks.

Another possibility is a cloaked player just hung out while I fought all the Sleepers and zipped in while I was salvaging, but I had D-scan up and was checking it every 30 seconds. But, it is possible.

Basically, next relic/data site I find, I hope the HAM Caracal clears the Sleepers faster, and I’ll try analyzing the site before salvaging wrecks. Another thing I did is buy the Caldari Battlecruiser skill book; it’ll take a while but I’ve read the recommended wormhole ships are Strategic Cruisers or Battleships. I need Battlecruiser to 3 before I can train up Battleships, and then I’ll need a whole lot of bigger missile skills as well.

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