EVE – More Hauling

Someday I’ll finally finish moving stuff *sigh* and then not have to deal with it for a while.

Moving a Cruiser

I decided I really needed to get Aurora’s combat ship into the wormhole, so I could try things like “kill the sleepers” and search relic/data sites. So I popped out of the static exit into Moselgi, and began the long tedious process of traveling to Jarizza where Aurora left her Caracal.

Aurora was flying an Iteron, a shared Industrial ship between my 3 chars in the wormhole.

After getting there, I repackaged the Caracal, tossing away a rig or two. Then I dragged the Caracal into the Iteron and got an error message about the Caracal exceeding the 6000 m^3 of space.


I forgot to check the size of the packaged Caracal. I had been moving frigates around earlier and all of those packed down intoe 2500 m^3, it didn’t occur to me that a cruiser would not fit. Unfortunately for me, cruisers package down to 10000 m^3, and that’s more space than the cargo bay of the Iteron.

There I was, hopping mad mostly at myself for not looking at the ship attributes, but still needing to get the Caracal into the wormhole. So I assembled the ship, bought the two rigs I had just destroyed in order to re-fit the ship, loaded up all the modules, and started flying back to Moselgi.

After another tedious amount of time, I arrived in Moselgi and warped to the K162. But there was nothing there. I checked and double checked but didn’t see it, so I finally docked into some spaceport and swapped over to Autumn, who was in the wormhole.

In a few minutes I had scanned down the N110 exit, and found that while I was out trying to get Aurora’s ship into the wormhole, it collapsed and reformed. The new hisec exit was… Oursulaert, a mere 16 more jumps away.

Sometime, EVE seems like it messes with you out of spite.

I finished up bringing the Caracal into the wormhole, staying up past my intended bedtime. I put off retrieving Aurora’s Buzzard until sometime in the future.

Basically, if you are thinking of moving into a wormhole, plan better than I did. 😉 Maybe have your PI character move a packaged exploration ship, modules, and a few command centers in a hauler, fly a combat character in with their combat ship, switch to the hauler and exit back to K-space to pick up another packaged exploration ship, then return.

That would help some, and so would having your chars plus their important stuff in the vicinity of each other. As I recall, my chars were fairly spread out and I moved them into the wormhole one at a time over a few days. So the system the K162 was in kept changing.

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