EVE – Wormhole Gas Harvesting

One thing I’ve noticed from scanning in the wormhole are gas sites. I always ignored them but I had a few minutes and went to take a peek.

Gas Cloud
Gas Cloud

OK it looks cool but didn’t look too exciting. But I didn’t really know much about gas clouds, so I went to the Eve University wiki and did some reading on gas cloud mining… well it looks like a worthwhile activity after all!

So Aurora left for K-space and bought the Gas Cloud Harvesting skill, and miscellaneous modules for her Venture which was a reward for one of the tutorial missions. Then came the usual logistics of flying all this stuff out to the wormhole, which is somewhat tedious. I figure eventually I’ll have enough gear in the wormhole to not have to keep spending an evening shipping things around, and lets just say I’m looking forward to that day arriving. 😉

The next night I had a chance to try it out, as my wormhole scan revealed a gas cloud.

Gas Cloud Mining
Gas Cloud Mining

Warping to a gas cloud starts a timer – 20 minutes later Sleepers show up. So I decided to sneak in and harvest until ~15 mins or so, at which point I warped away.

My harvesting process involved targeting the gas cloud (after making sure Harvestable Clouds was checked in my overview) and then enabling the Gas Cloud Harvester modules. I also had dscan open and scanned every 30 seconds or so… you never know who else might be in the wormhole looking for a fight!

Fortunately I harvested in peace and warped back to the station to store the Fullerite C-50 gas I had collected.

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