EVE – Wormhole Exploration Sites

The other day while scanning for the static exit (which led to Sharhelund this time), I found 1 data site and 2 relic sites first. I decided to check them out.

First was a cool looking relic site:

Green Relic Site
Green Relic Site

I went to take a closer look, but was uncloaked when I got close to the structure. This attracted the attention of the Sleepers, who greeted me with missiles (I think). I was busy trying to warp to safety and only remember getting out with most of my shields and armor gone. Close call!

I decided to look at the other relic site:

Red Relic Site
Red Relic Site

But alas, my Buzzard isn’t really equipped for fighting, so I kept my cloaked distance.

I also looked at the data site, and came in on the side. I uncloaked about 40km away from a Sleeper, but it noticed me and shot a missile in my direction. Once again, I bugged out.

Data Site
Data Site

So, that was kind of disappointing, but at least my ship and pod survived. I’m not sure I can sneak in and loot a relic or data site without being prepared to fight the Sleepers, so I might need to bring in Aurora’s Caracal cruiser. Then I’d do the scanning and bookmarking in the Buzzard, return with a more of a punch in the Caracal, and then come back again in the Buzzard?

I’m not sure how else to go about it, other than fly a fancier ship that can scan and fight well. I think strategic cruisers do that, but those are a long ways off. I’ll try the 2 ship/3 pass method another time and see how well that works.

I read about people looting exploration sites before attracting attention, but perhaps those tales were of nullsec or losec exploration. Wormhole Sleepers definitely notice when you come near!


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