EVE – Looking for the Exit

Since I moved into a wormhole, I spent some time practicing what will be a typical ritual: scanning for the static exit. I need to be able to do this in general, and especially for those times when I need to go back to K-space to buy stuff and then haul it back in.

So I logged in on Aurora, got situated, and launched probes.

I did the exploration tutorials several times, but this was different, it seemed a lot harder. I spent a lot of time shift-dragging, centering probes, trying to manipulate the 3D starmap view – all the while thinking that fundamentally projecting a 3D map onto a 2D surface will make things challenging – and dancing around the objective for a long time.

N110 Unstable Wormhole
N110 Unstable Wormhole

I made some progress after about 10 minutes and got a definite wormhole. In fact, I could see it was an N110, which leads to hisec. But I couldn’t get good enough resolution to warp to it.

Wormhole Found!
Wormhole Found!

After fiddling around for at least another 10 minutes, I finally resolved the signature enough to warp to it. In the pic above, I’m all the way zoomed in, which makes mouse movements awkward. But even though I was all the way zoomed, I wanted to zoom more. Somehow I need to figure out a more systematic way to zoom in (via mouse wheel), center the view (right click drag), rotate about various axes (left click drag), move the probes (silver handles, grab bubble edges to shrink scan area), and hone in on my target faster. I suppose practice makes perfect and unlike the tutorial exploration missions, I’ll need to do this potentially every time I leave to go buy stuff in K-space.

I think some UI changes would help with the star map manipulations. I’m not sure what, perhaps something like a mini globe in the corner with clickable arrows for rotating latitude and longitude (more accurate astronomical terms: right ascension and declination).

It probably took 30 minutes total, counting all time spent since I logged in. That’s fine, but I need to get faster because I don’t want to spend that much time every time.


Anyway, I warped to the N110 wormhole to look at it up close. And it looked pretty cool, with a nice shimmer effect.

I figured I might as well solidify my understanding of static exits, entering the wormhole from the W-space side. I expected to appear in hisec right next to a K162, formed by my travel. The K162 would also be my way “home” to my W-space system.

K162 to home
K162 to home

Thankfully, after reading and skimming a lot of info on wormholes, this is exactly what happened. The hisec system I showed up in turned out to be Yarebap, and sure enough, a K162 was right there next to me. And humorously enough, I took the screenshot when I was 1337 m away.

Once back in W-space, I attempted to share the bookmark (to the N110) with another character. This proved to be surprisingly tricky. I CTRL-dragged it to my cargo hold, and then dropped it into email, but Summer couldn’t use it. Yes, CTRL-drag even though everything I read said SHIFT-drag – maybe my keyboard is mapped oddly.

I tried to contract the resulting Wormhole Bookmark, but the contract UI would only let me pick items from a station, not the item in my cargohold. OK I can see that, since it isn’t like I’m leaving the item where the other char can get it. So then I tried to jettison the bookmark… it showed up in space as a Cargo Container and I logged in on Summer to see if I could retrieve it. And, I couldn’t find it, even after adding “Scatter Container” and “Spawn Container” to the overview.

Dammit, nothing is convenient in EVE, is it?

After digging through more menus, I found “Cargo Container” under Celestial. I can’t say I expected it there (mostly because all the containers I’ve dealt with in missions have been Scatter or Spawn, not Cargo), but it worked – allowing me to open the cargo container and grab the bookmark. In turn, dragging that to the Personal Location section of People & Places added the N110 Wormhole to Summer’s bookmarks. Whew, what a lot of work to share info between two chars.

Somebody else in the corp happened to bookmark the same static exit, so perhaps the easier way for me to share the location info is to file it under the Corporate Locations section, if I have the ability to do that.

Anyway, it felt like a productive session even though all I did is figure out how to leave and come back, and share a scan result from one char with another. Back on Aurora, the bookmark I dragged away was gone so I suppose the next step is to figure out how to non-destructively share the info, if that is possible. Or, I’ll always have to make sure I leave one char in the wormhole in order to scan for the static exit. I hate to depend on somebody else being on and having the time to scan so I can re-enter!

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