EVE – Looking For My Corp

I’m now a member of Foo Jung Daan, on Aurora and Summer!

It took a few days to get through the application process, and few extra questions/answers email. I understand, EVE is a different as far as well, nearly everything. For example, after joining FJD, I had to… figure out how to get there. I can’t think of another MMO where this might happen, on the same scale at least!

There’s a little more to that story. FJD operates out of a wormhole, and there isn’t a fixed location from K-space (known-space, the regular systems EVE is set in) to get there. From inside the wormhole, there is an exit to somewhere, but the system the exit links to isn’t constant – after some time, it decays and spawns to a new location.

When I joined, that K-space system was Nirbhi. It wasn’t particularly convenient for me (granted, it probably wouldn’t be in general), since it was ~28 jumps away for Summer and ~4 jumps from Aurora, but I got them both there to scan.

After arriving and scanning, all I found in the system was a Gas Nebula. That’s cool but no WH to my corp mates.

Closing in on a Gas Nebula
Closing in on a Gas Nebula

The next day, the new system was Otomainen, only ~35 jumps away from Nirbhi. And, a system without contiguous hisec access. In other words, getting there meant going through losec… ugh.

Many Jumps Away
Many Jumps Away

Aurora can fly a tech 2 covert ops frigate (Buzzard) but Summer isn’t there yet, so I did the best I could placing a Prototype Cloaking Device 1 on her Imicus. Autumn can also fly a tech 2 covert ops frigate (Anathema) but just barely, but I left her out of FJD – she’ll just be my wandering capsuleer, besides I only plan to PLEX one more month training on her.

Anyway, I set my destination to Otomainen, but stopped in Airmia to check the map, particularly nearby systems for signs of PvP activity (Stars->Statistics and “Escape Pods Destroyed” and “Ships Destroyed”).

Ships Killed
Ships Killed

The map looked decent, or decent enough. There was ship killing activity – hey it’s losec! – but not on the gate camping scale (serious gate campers would likely prefer a system that is a transit pathway, not an island). So I jumped…

Gate to Losec
Gate to Losec

… with the goal to get the heck out the other side ASAP.

Fortunately my transit through losec was without incident, and once in Otomainen I quickly found the wormhole.


This is the first wormhole I’ve seen in-game, and it’s really cool looking.

After jumping through, I basically warped to the corp’s tower and then logged off to do the same thing on Aurora.

So basically my first few hours in the corporation, spread out over several days, was spent traveling around New Eden to get to W-space to where they are.

I’m looking forward to trying out some exploration and/or planetary interaction, but I’ve got a bunch of stuff to figure out first: the logistics involved with living in a wormhole. I’m gonna be swamped learning stuff in the short term!

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