LoTRO – Approaching Helm’s Deep

I adventured a bit more with Naerys, who was questing in the Woodhurst area of the Stonedeans. I was just following the epic storyline and adding a few side quests here and there.

One was to clear out Dunlendings, so I found an encampment and began thinning the ranks. But combat was taking an extra long time. I realized that I had been overleveled for earlier areas and that helped me mow through enemies, but still, somewhere in the Stonedeans the ambient quest level (roughly 91/92) approached Naerys’ level (just into 93) so that might have explained it.

Battling Dunlendings
Battling Dunlendings

Except… something tickled my brain… could there be another factor? Oh yes, my legendary items? I hadn’t updated them in… well I couldn’t remember.

I checked and that was indeed a part of it. My legendary club – the weapon of choice for civilized Hobbit Guardians πŸ˜‰ – was level 85 (!!) and so was my legendary belt. Oof, 8 levels lower, no wonder battles were taking a long time.

So I wrapped up and recalled to Telain Galadhrim to visit the auction house and look for level 90ish items, but couldn’t find anything suitable. I realized part of the issue is that everybody at max level only bothers with max level items. I could hold out for 2 more levels, but I didn’t want to. What to do.

It used to be there were legendary item givers at various spots along the way (e.g. Moria, Mirkwood, Stangard) but there also appeared to be a gap from level 85 to 95. It’s always possible to get them dropped randomly, but I didn’t have any luck finding a weapon or class items since level 85. Come to think of it, I probably bought the ones I was using from the Auction Hall.

Anyway, I hunted around and finally gave into the LoTRO Store. Yes, for a mere 195 Turbine Points, you can get a “3rd Age Item Trove” that lets you pick a “level appropriate” weapon or class item (and if you qualify, a saddle).

I bought one and tried it out, wondering what specifically “level appropriate” meant. After selecting a club, I found a level 93 3rd Age Legendary Guardian’s Club in my possession. Sweet!

I gave in again and did the same thing for a Legendary Belt.

What can I say, points well spent.

So I fiddled around with my new items, and noticed the base DPS of the level 93 club (i.e. no points spent into DPS all) was something like 50% higher than the DPS of my maxed out level 85 club. After spending points it is even better. OK to be honest I didn’t actually write down what the stats were at level 85 and my memory is fuzzy. Let’s just say I’m happy to squeeze some extra damage out of my club even though I will likely replace it in 2 levels.

While I was in Caras Galadhon, I also cleaned up my inventory. Naerys has 6 bags of 15 slots each, for a total of 90 inventory items. She was also hauling around bags with an astounding 77 of those slots filled. I can easily be a packrat so I decided to carefully examine everything and leave several items behind. Potions that were no longer level appropriate, the cloak and pocket items with +stealth that I carry around but never use (or not enough to devote 2 slots to), stuff from Hobbit Gifts that were account-bound and therefore more useful to other characters like Dhrun, etc.

After some inventory cleanup, I ended with 45 free slots – a nice split of 50% of my space available for goodies and 50% taken up with items for adventuring (rations of food, potions, various legendary items to level, tokens, etc.)

Naerys is now at 3.12.10, Rumours of a Battle, with the objective to travel to Helm’s Deep. I might be the last adventurer in all of Landroval to arrive, but I’m getting to Helm’s Deep soon!

2 thoughts on “LoTRO – Approaching Helm’s Deep”

    1. Ah you are correct, I glossed over that. I bought a stack of relic removal scrolls earlier (maybe they were on sale?) so I had some on hand and used two of them.

      I’ll account better when I write a followup for my future level 95 items. πŸ˜‰

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