New Monitor

I decided to treat myself to a little computer upgrade and replace my monitor. I had a 20″ LCD on my Windows machine, and decided to “go big” and get a 27″ monitor. A nice ASUS PB278Q wide quad hd monitor (i.e. can do 2560 x 1440). It came in today and I’m still drooling as I quickly log into each game and fiddle around a bit.

My video card is the decent but certainly not high-end Geforce GTX 650. I used DVI with the old monitor but the new one needs HDMI for the full resolution (or dual DVI but my card doesn’t have that available). A pleasant surprise was that the monitor includes speakers, and unknown to me until now, HDMI carries sound! I was used to cabling speakers to my sound card (and not having an HDMI monitor until now) that I never payed attention to HDMI at all and assumed it was video only. I found out about the audio when I cabled my new monitor and heard faint music… but I had unplugged to speakers to move them. For my purposes the monitor speakers sound just fine so I’m going to use them instead of the separate ones. One power plug saved – less clutter and a little more room on my desk! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, the extra screen real estate is FANTASTIC.

Here are a few screenshots, I just can’t resist.

Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

My ranger Glyneth with Vigil Keep in the background.


My champion Autumn looking towards Hardirion in Enedwaith.

EVE Online
EVE Online

Aurora flying a Caracal towards a station.

Secret World
Secret World

Wayness surveying the hellscape outside a motel in Savage Coast. Wow, just logging into TSW makes me realize how utterly slack I’ve been playing it.

Anyway, I love my new monitor, can you tell? I’m plagued with thoughts of another one as my eye wanders over to the 24″ monitor on my Mac Mini. I can skip food for a few weeks, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

7 thoughts on “New Monitor”

  1. You could always go multi-monitor, too depending on the ports. Might even still be able to use your old one, too. And yeah, the inclusion of sound, too, is one of the best features of HDMI, imo. Gone are the days of the red/white/yellow cable setups, all replaced with one badass HDMI cable. ๐Ÿ™‚ This reminds me of when I went from regular to widescreen. It was like playing whole new games.

      1. Mind if I use your GW2 shot in a post (with full credit, obviously)? Doing a post on recent tech upgrades, and it’s a great shot.

      2. Go ahead, things I post here are for public consumption/use. Sorry about the delay but I can’t check my blog from work, argh.

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