EVE – Three Month Stealth Bomber

I was reading through the Brave Newbies subreddit, and saw an interesting discussion. It was a link to an infographic about training to be a “pretty good tackler in 7 days“.

And that’s cool. New players that are interesting in doing something useful (for a PvP corporation, I gather) can use some direction. What I also found interesting was a comment in the discussion, about doing something similar for stealth bombers. I figured I could look into that while I’m away from my home computers.

First, stealth bombers are Tech 2 Covert Ops Frigates: Amarr Purifier, Caldari Manticore, Gallente Nemesis, Minmatar Hound.

I have no direct experience with these ships, so I went to see what the game itself recommends as far as skills. To do that, I opened ISIS up and looked at the Amarr Purifier. (I chose Amarr partly for self-interest, as the 3rd char on my account is Amarr. I have a Caldari, Gallente, and Amarr.)

I clicked on the Purifier and browsed through the various Mastery levels. I figured level 3 would be a good one to shoot for as a newbie stealth bomber pilot.

EVE requires the following skills for Mastery 3 of the Purifier:

  • Amarr Target Management
    • Radar Sensor Compensation 3
    • CPU Management 4
    • Long Range Targeting 3
    • Target Management 4
    • Signature Analysis 3
  • Armor Tanking
    • Mechanics 4
    • Repair Systems 3
    • Hull Upgrades 4
    • Armor Layering 1
    • EM Armor Compensation 1
    • Explosive Armor Compensation 1
    • Kinetic Armor Compensation 1
    • Thermic Armor Compensation 1
  • Cloaking
    • Mechanics 3
    • CPU Management 4
    • Cloaking 3
  • Core Ship Operation
    • Energy Grid Upgrades 3
    • CPU Management 4
    • Electronics Upgrades 3
    • Science 1
    • Power Grid Management 4
    • Capacitor System Operation 4
    • Capacitor Management 3
  • Core Weapon Fitting
    • Gunnery 2
    • Weapon Upgrades 5
    • Advanced Weapon Upgrades 1
  • Navigation
    • Warp Drive Operation 3
    • Fuel Conservation 1
    • Acceleration Control 3
    • Evasive Maneuvering 3
    • Spaceship Command 3
  • Stealth Bomber Missiles
    • Bomb Deployment 4
    • Missile Launcher Operation 5
    • Target Navigation Prediction 4
    • Rapid Launch 4
    • Light Missiles 3
    • Guided Missile Precision 4
    • Missile Bombardment 4
    • Missile Projection 4
    • Warhead Upgrades 4
    • Heavy Missiles 3
    • Torpedoes 4

A few of these will change based on race of the ship – for example, Radar Sensor Compensation changes to Magnetometric Sensor Compensation for the Gallente Nemesis, Gravimetric for the Caldari Manticore, Ladar for the Minmatar Hound.

CPU Management is listed more than once; it is clearly important. 😉

Some skills are already going to be satisfied, such as Electronics Upgrades. That has to be 5 just to train Covert Ops in the first place. Another is the racial sensor compensation – Radar Sensor Compensation and the others require CPU Management 4 before they can be injected. It seems that new characters already start Science 3, so Science 1 is done. Same deal with Spaceship Command 3. Minor issues.

So after creating a blank character in EVE Mon, and adding those skills in, I get a just over 83 days 5 hours. That breaks down into around 47 days 1 hours for training the non-stealth bomber missile skills, and 36 days 5 hours for the missiles. A major chunk of the 47 days is the ~19.5 days it takes to get to racial Frigate 5 and Electronics Upgrades 5.

So in 3 months, a completely new char could train into stealth bomber. They’d just need to buy a bunch of skill books and keep that skill queue chugging. If you were PLEXing another skill queue for an alt, you’d have about 7 days left over to train up a few skills higher, such as Navigation, or add some Rigging skills or what have you.

Since I have no direct experience flying such a ship, I’m not sure what other skills are important as well. Hopefully all the critical skills are already listed, and anything extra is just nice to have. It looks like a good outline to follow at least.

Hm…. now I’m tempted to put my Amarr character on this plan! Although I’d be better off going for the Covert Ops exploration frigate, since flying that might lead to finding valuables through exploration.

OK, I just checked. ISIS suggests, in addition to the above except for missile skills:

  • Scanning
    • Astrometric Rangefinding 3
    • Astrometric Acquisition 3
    • Astrometrics 3

for a Covert Ops frigate, which are the Amarr Anathema, Caldari Buzzard, Gallenete Helios, Minmatar Cheetah. Those skills only take another 3 days to train!

But you have to also look at what ISIS suggests for the Tech 1 exploration frigates (Amarr Magnate, Caldari Heron, Gallente Imicus, Minmatar Probe) to see what is recommended for Data/Relic analysis:

  • Data and Relic Analysis
    • Archaeology 3
    • Hacking 3
    • Survey 3

Grand total for all these exploration-oriented skills is a little over 4 days 6 hours.

If all you wanted to do is train into the Tech 2 exploration frigate (basically leave out the stealth bomber) then the training time is 51 days 7 hours.

Anyway, I think I found a goal for my Amarr alt: Tech 2 Covert Ops frigates! At least to mastery level 3. I have a feeling mastery 4 and obviously mastery 5 would take quite a bit extra.

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