LoTRO – Finding Fúni

Halbarad has a brilliant scheme to buy the Fellowship some additional time: sew confusion by crafting an imitation ring of Barahir. Unfortunately Fúni, a dwarf jewel-crafter of sufficient skill to do this, has been captured by the Ninkoth Uruks.

Autumn tracked them easily to Minas Elendúr, where she found a frightened man standing outside.

Minas Elendúr
Minas Elendúr

“It is enough to drive a man mad!” he said. Autumn gloated, thinking that it is good she was neither Man nor male, unsure of which he meant.

Autumn stepped in and followed large blood stains towards Uruks. The dwarf cannot remain alive after losing so much blood, she thought, but then remembered they were a hardy folk.

Bloodstain Trail
Bloodstain Trail

After battling several Uruks, the bloodstain trail led down some stairs to the bottom of a courtyard with a magnificent statue. There sat Fúni, injured but alive. And true to his people, he refused to leave without gathering some treasure!

Autumn was incensed but held her tongue, realizing Fúni may be delirious and in any event, Halbarad needed his cooperation. So she agreed to gather up some trinkets and explore Minas Elendúr further. Besides, there were Uruks to slay and Fúni did not appear mortally wounded.

After wandering seemingly for hours, slaying many Uruks, Autumn found several treasures that brought a smile to Fúni – and even better, he agreed to leave.

Back at Echad Eregion, Halbarad sent Autumn south to speak to Lothrandir at Echad Dagoras. The view south from his perch among the ruins is quite pretty!

View from Echad Dagoras
View from Echad Dagoras

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