LoTRO – Strike Against Dannenglor

I continued adventuring in Mirkwood, assisting the Malledhrim at Echad Sirion. But I was called away to a secret mission: to assist the Hidden Guard bring Mazog to Dol Guldur.

Escorting Mazog
Escorting Mazog

We were attacked a few times, but easily repelled the enemy. Unfortunately, tragedy struck and Raddir fell. No one knows how or what happened, but all of us suspect Mazog had a hand in it, even though he was under our watch the entire time. As of now, he sits in a jail cell beneath the Haunted Inn in Audaghaim.

Meanwhile, I helped Dúndurion with an attack on a nearby ruins occupied by merrevail: Dannenglor.

Dannenglor Skirmish
Dannenglor Skirmish

But first, I had to go do my skirmish training. 😉 By using the GoTV and skipping to level 50, I completely forgot about skirmishes. Yeah, there was probably a popup notification, but I probably dismissed it and then forgot to visit a skirmish camp, despite riding right by the one at Echad Andestel dozens of times!

The training went well, and jiggled my memory about what to do. For AutumnTian, I chose a herbalist soldier. I think Naerys has a Sage and Dhrun has an Archer. Speaking of Naerys and Dhrun, they are feeling neglected but I really want to get Autumn through Mirkwood before making the push to max level for Naerys and Dhrun.

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