GW2 – Lion’s Arch Under Attack

I generally log my characters off in Lion’s Arch, near the bank. Crafting is nearby, Black Lion trading is nearby, and Lion’s Arch is itself centrally located with a hub of Asura gates. I think lots of other players do this too, because it is always busier than any of the other cities.

In turn, ArenaNet decided to spice things up a bit by making Scarlet Briar, current übervillain, attack Lion’s Arch with her forces.

So it was that I logged in to move my characters, either to their racial city (for characters I’m not playing a lot at the moment) or the nearby Order refugee camp. Basically I moved Aurora to Lornar’s Pass and the Durmand Priory area, Glyneth to Vigil HQ, Cargus my engineer to Rata Sum since I’m not playing that char too much, and Summer my mesmer to the Grove. I actually play Summer now and then, but for the moment I’m leveling Glyneth to 80 and then I’ll probably resume leveling Summer – currently 40ish.

Anyway, each char logged in to a raging battle right on top of them.

Lions Arch battle
Lions Arch battle

It was fun actually. And once again I was reminded how fragile Aurora (an elementalist) is. Of all my chars that stayed and fought from the time logged in with a bit a zerg fun added after that, the only one that died was her.

Anyway, now that everyone is repositioned I’ll check out the Lion’s Arch content later. Something about battling miasma and rescuing citizens.

On Glyneth, I’ve been having fun doing the jump puzzles in each zone, as I work on world completion. When I start one, I typically hide my pet. But after a long fall, or sometimes after just getting to a ledge, the pet will reappear. Sometimes they appear ahead, where I’m trying to get to! So I think hey, how’d you get ahead of me? 😉

Jump Puzzle
Jump Puzzle

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