EVE – Piloting Again

Yes, I decided to resub to EVE. What can I say, as tough as the game is, there really isn’t anything else like it out there. Some people keep resubbing to WoW, and for me, that resub game is EVE. 😉

I have specific goals this time around, which are: exploration. I find the Tiger Ears blog to be interesting, so my goal is to work up to that. Well OK, probably not all the stuff she does… baby steps, doing plain old exploration in safer areas first.

Another possibility is joining a corporation. One that looks interesting/appealing is Foo Signature Industries. A commenter left a note about them earlier, and over time I might train up the skills they suggest and get in touch.

I decided to reactivate my original account from 2008-2010, since that character has more skills points. My newer account is full of Planetary Interaction “experts” (well, at least they have skill training) and I’m going to basically avoid that, in hisec at least. It wasn’t worth the time put into it, even though it was enjoyable.

I also decided to redo the tutorials, and I’m glad I did. They’ve been updated to cover new UI elements, like the radial menu, the “loot all” button (when opening another cargo bay, now you don’t have to drag into your ship’s cargo bay) and other improvements as well. I will obviously redo the exploration tutorial, and perhaps the industry one, and then figure out what to do next.

One word of caution – read/follow the directions carefully! One tutorial sent me out with a weapon but no ammo. I was furious, wondering how that could slip by testing. But I was skipping ahead. I read the tutorial popup closer, and Aura said she would create the ammo in my cargo hold once I clicked “next”. Aha! This is one of those times where a little knowledge caused me temporary grief – if I knew nothing, I would have read the tutorial and followed it lock step (“click next when undocked”, “click next after warping to the acceleration gate”, “click next and I will create ammo”, etc.) But I knew how to get to the acceleration gate so I moved ahead of the tutorial and then was puzzled how I was supposed to blow up the fuel depot.

What about ISK and the difficulty I had before getting a dependable income (that is fun to earn)? Well… honestly, I’m going to redo the Sisters of Eve epic, since as I recall it paid about 10 million ISK or so. That’ll buy a few skill books to start me out with again. And I’m willing to buy/sell a PLEX to seed my initial forays for a bit. 600 million ISK will definitely covers a lot of modules, ships, skillbooks, and at least get me actually doing stuff I want to rather than grinding some super boring mining or station trading to make enough money to undock without fear of losing a ship.

I’ll see how this goes. 🙂

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