LoTRO – To Mirkwood!

I wrapped up Vol 2 Book 8 on Autumn Tian, which required assisting Magor in Azanarukâr. Even though I had destroyed 2 previous relics of Gorothúl, we were investigating a possible 3rd.

We did find a 3rd relic, which I destroyed, but that summoned more Caerogs to challenge us: Gwathnor and several Grawulun. Magor fought well, and even occasionally stopped to yell out an inspirational comment:

An Optimist
An Optimist

We returned to Gwathrendath victorious, and spoke to Lenglammel before she sent me to speak to Haldir. He in turn mentioned that the Golden Host was moving into Mirkwood and also scouting for an indirect path to bring Mazog there, and my help would be welcome.

So I boarded a boat to Mirkwood and found myself across the Anduin river, in Echad Sirion. I lined up with the rest of the Malledhrim, but I was tired and snuck away to rest. I will speak to Fuirgam first thing after resting.

Malledhrim in Mirkwood
Malledhrim in Mirkwood

Before most of this happened, while adventuring in Moria, I received a blind invite to join an elf-only kinship. I figured what the heck, the message was polite, so I accepted. It’s a small kin, still growing and recruiting: Last of the Noldor. I think there were 3 or 4 others on, all lower level which is fine. I’m kinda hoping someone will ask for help on a quest or maybe a dungeon (Great Barrows?) and I can help out, hehe. Another goal of mine this year, besides actually splitting my time between MMOs better, is to be more social/active in the game. I have the tendency just to solo everything – granted the design of the modern crop of games makes that fairly easy to do.

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