LoTRO – Relics in Moria

It seems that villain Gorothúl hid some powerful evil relics in Moria. Reports from scouts indicated the likely places to be the Mirror-Halls of Lumul-Nar, and the Water-Works of Nalâ-dûm. Thus did Autumn Tian continue assisting the dwarves.

It had been some time since I had done these two quests, but immediately upon entering each one it came back to me: these were the “puzzle” quests in the storyline! Mirror-Halls required repositioning a few mirrors so a beam of light would open passages deeper, and Water-Works required pulling some levers and turning wheels to open passages and gates.

I set aside plenty of time, but both went pretty fast. I’m pretty sure the mob density was thinned, even on top of the “solo” option, because I only fought about 15 enemies in the entirety of Lumul-Nar. Except for how long it took me to solve the last part… I’ll leave that for later.

Checking the Light
Checking the Light

Lumul-Nar starts with a giant drop into a snowy cave. At the bottom were two wolves, easily dispatched, and the first hint of what to do: a blocked passage and a lever. There is literally nothing else you can do but pull the lever, which rotates a mirror, in turn bouncing a light beam down a tunnel that now opens up. I proceeded in a similar fashion further into Lumul-Nar.

Evil Relic
Evil Relic

I made it to the final room, where the puzzle shifts slightly: from a roughly square platform, align mirrors so light beams from the corners meet over a central lens. The only sneaky thing is one light beam requires getting bounced over and back, due to how the mirrors are placed (not just a simple route from each corner to the middle of a side and then into the center). Naturally, I configured it wrong, figured that out when the last beam couldn’t be directed properly, and then had to shift 6 mirrors for the other 3 beams of light plus several for the 4th beam.

While this happened, I started losing beams of light. I went to investigate, and found respawned Merrevail blocking the light beams! Well that’s what I get for being slow, so I had to battle a handful more enemies before finally opening the last web to the final fight with Ergoth, who lamented failing The Eye as he fell to my swords.

Soon I was in the Water-Works of Nalâ-dûm, recalling lizard, grates, and levers. From the entry spot, the only path to follow led up to a wheel. I spun it, which opened a gate below, allowing progress.

Open Passage
Open Passage

I had to try a few times at one spot where there was a wheel and a lever. I spun the wheel, pulled the level and ran down, only to find a grate partially extended over a chasm. After trying again, I remembered passing a gate earlier. I turned to look at the gate when I pulled the lever, and it opened. So I ran up and in, fought a Caerog and then jumped down a hole into some water.

Swimming Tunnel
Swimming Tunnel

Swimming back I found myself on the other side of the partial grate chasm, with a lever as well. I think this is how a larger group gets across – I remember something about needed one person to spin the wheel while another pulls the lever and runs for the gate before it closes.

Another Evil Relic
Another Evil Relic

In any case, I battled deeper until I found another evil relic, and destroyed it.

The final fight against Caerlûg, a big Caerog. It was a bit tense, mostly because of some giant piston-like ceiling crushers that would stomp the ground. Caerlûg would unleash an attack that knocked me backwards into the air, and I was concerned I’d land under the crushers. I’m not sure if those would have hurt, but I also didn’t want to find out so I would move immediately to a safe spot, and then re-engaged Caerlûg in battle. He fell as well, and I left off with speaking to Stóthkell in the Heart of Fire.

2 thoughts on “LoTRO – Relics in Moria”

  1. LOTRO with a smattering of Tomb Raider! Have yet to do these…sounds fun…

    I find it weird that the first time I take on a boss I am extra cautious…even when at the moment I generally end up breezing through! Its as if my instincts are telling me that there is a challenge to be found in LOTRO after all…just hidden!

    1. These are pretty fun, and they are also available as explorable instances. The storyline solo mode does indeed have thinned out mobs and an easier boss (according to the wiki). Check them out! I want to go back in small fellowship or explorable mode (perhaps they are one and the same).

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