LoTRO – Yule Festival

I decided to take a break from vanquishing the minions of Sauron, and instead enjoy the festivities at Winter-home. I didn’t partake at all last year, so I was eager to check it out.

It was a fun time! Naerys acted the part of Gandalf in a play, and earned recognition for superior skills as a thespian:

Acting Prowess
Acting Prowess

On the other hand I might have just been really lucky. 😉

Later, Naerys spotted an eating contest. This appealed to her appetite and enjoyment of pursuing food-related titles… and thus began an epic 5 table stuff-yourself-until-debuffs-appear food tour.

The first 2 tables were no problem. After the third, Naerys began feeling the effects a little bit.

Getting Full...
Getting Full…

The 4th table hurt quite a bit, but her pride was on the line and after all, there was only one table left

One More Table...
One More Table…

The strategy at the last table was: stand on it, lurch at a wavering image of food through blurry eyes, and keep eating

Standing on the Feast
Standing on the Feast

And with that solid advice, Naerys made it. Ha!

As it happens, earning “Feast Beast” requires 8 successful food tours. Unfortunately, Naerys was only able to complete 2, leaving the rest to be finished off at next year’s festival. I will be more on the ball, as far as showing up daily to make the attempt, in order to get this title!

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