LoTRO – Vol 2 Reprise

It turns out that by questing around Lothlórien, I’ve picked up 2.7.1 “The Hill of Cerin Amroth” and 2.9 “Foreword: The Dark Shore”. So I’m not blocked from finishing Vol 2, I’m just blocked from some parts of it. And that’s fine with me – while I do want to follow the epic storyline, I’m also OK with doing it a little out of order while some issues are addressed.

However, all that takes a back seat to grinding up Galadhrim reputation to Friend, which is needed to enter Caras Galadhon. Note: in the case of the epic quests taking you into the city, it is possible to climb a rope at the gate to get in, so entry to Caras Galadhon doesn’t block progress. That’s a very nice consideration!

So in my meandering around the Golden Wood, I’m working on any and all quests that give reputation. Bonus for ones that involve killing orcs since I’m also trying to finish off a racial deed, Enmity of the Orcs III, upon finishing will grant me Eldar’s Grace. I would also like to finish off Enmity of the Drakes to gain the Elf One-Handed Sword-Damage Bonus, so perhaps when I zip back into Moria I’ll work on that. Or, I think outside Stangard are lots of drakes. Hm….

One reputation quest I’ve decided to skip is out of Echad Andestel, Aiding the Elves IV, a.k.a. the Orc Poop Quest, whereby I’m supposed to collect and burn orc-filth in a fire. I’ve decided that as a Champion from Lindon, am too good for this quest so these other layabouts at the camp can do it. 😉 Fortunately, Aiding the Elves I and II from quest givers on Talan Haldir will substitute nicely. Especially since those quests involve killing Orcs and that brings me closer to Eldar’s Grace.

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