LoTRO – Good News and Bad News

My plan to progress through Moria by following the epic storyline has hit an “epic” (har har) snag… more on that in a bit.

First, I see little tweaks all over the place. Quests moved, new small quest hubs – in Durin’s Way there is a horse (er… goat) point at Tharâkh Bazân and the Fanged Pit, quests that originally were started in the Chamber of the Crossroads have moved to a new quest cluster at ZirakZigil, etc. While looking for Sweina, a dwarf under attack in the Silvertine Lodes, I saw a small quest hub/camp along the way. Fantastic!

I remembered doing some quests in an area between 21st Hall and Orc-Watch, but couldn’t find any of the quest givers. So as I made my way to Orc-Watch, I detoured by to take a peek – and was presented with a location quest and several more to follow. This was another revamp that rewarded exploration. This area, Baiúrz-Mur, had a quest makeover as the new focus was collecting poison samples and destroying poison brewing stoves.

So that’s the good news… the bad news is: the class revamping for Helm’s Deep has apparently screwed up some of the session play skills. In particular, for 2.3.9, We Cannot Get Out, you don’t have usable healing skills. This quest is a session play instance where you end up fighting in the Chamber of Mazarbul. In order to pass you have to survive until some invisible timer counts down… unfortunately with no healing skills it is extremely difficult (“impossible”?) to last long enough versus Mazog to pass the instance.

Disabled Skills
Disabled Skills

Here I have 5 Fervour, but skill 6 and 7 aren’t enabled. I think they are trigger on defeat skills, so you could quibble that maybe I didn’t defeat an enemy recently enough, but trust me, they never enable at all. And this is before Mazarbul, but I took the screenshot here so I could concentrate 100% on trying to survive Mazarbul. It’s the same there as well, argh. After 3 or 4 attempts, I finally decided not to waste time while this is bugged. Might as well move on and come back when it is fixed.

I found this quote by an NPC dwarf during the instance to be particularly ironic!

Great Quote
Great Quote

As far as this bad news concerns the epic storyline in Moria – AutumnTian just reached level 58 from level 56, mostly following the epic storyline quests and adding in a few others that were in the same area (e.g. completing a few quests from Orc-Watch while looking for barrels of black powder). I also used Accelerated Experience perks and some Tomes of Extraordinary Experience to help multiply my xp gain (5 of those Tomes were included with the GoTV).

At level 58, cautious questing in Lothlórien is possible, therefore since I’m stuck in the Vol 2 epic storyline, my alternative is to… leave Moria. So, the new plan is to exit Moria immediately and work towards entering Caras Galadhon. I’ll see if I can pick Vol 3 up from Pethelen in Rivendell, when AutumnTian reaches level 65.

Moria's Exit
Moria’s Exit

Since I know the way out of Moria through the 1st Hall, I just rode my goat through. The route is surprisingly mob free – sure you have to zig and zag, but I get unseated and knocked off in the hallway just outside 21st Hall. Yet I can ride from Sejer-tharâkh (the crafting/reputation instances) all the way through Nud-melek and out to Lothlórien and barely be touched!

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