LoTRO – early Moria

Now that my champion is into Moria, I’m going to beeline the epic storyline and seek the exit. I could just zip my way out since I know the way but I’m going to play through the epic storyline and refresh my memory. Not that Moria isn’t a great expansion – I certainly enjoy it – it is just that I’ve seen way more of the early parts of LoTRO (Eriador through Moria) than I have of the content past Mirkwood. I do plan to continue playing my Rune-keeper from Evendim so I will revisit those earlier areas, but also focus on getting my champ along to Galtrev and eventually Rohan, where Dhrun is.

My goal is to stick to the storyline, and quest whenever I’m under leveled compared to whatever my current epic quest is. Thus, while working through Vol 2 Book 2, I did the quests in Dolven-View and most in Deep Descent. See, I remember that the epic storyline takes you into Katûb-zahar and Gamil Filik, so I waited to clear out quests in those areas when I was already going there. Efficiency, borne of 6 previous trips through. 🙂

AutumnTian arrived at the 21st Hall, where Vol 2 Book 2 ends, at level 54. Vol 2 Book 3 is listed as a level 56 quest, so now I need to backtrack a little to level up. I suppose I could just go for it, but I want to play along at the recommended level, and also keep my undying streak alive, haha.

I know that the Water-works is coming up, so I delayed further exploration into Silvertine Lodes (unless I need to for leveling) until the epic quests take me to the Water-works. Instead, I will return to Durin’s Way and work the quests north of the Chamber of the Crossroads – the goblins in the Hall of the High Stair, and over to the east towards the Stone Hall, which is north of the 21st Hall.

I notice some revamping of quest lines in Moria. Deep Descent used to have all the quests, but now there are a few to find other quest givers (e.g. “Following the Winding Road”). There is a quest to arm a dwarf-trap and lure a goblin chief – now there is a secret passage by the quest giver… I remember fighting through the camp just to get there. These are minor changes that do improve the flow of the zone.

Mirrors... moved to 21st Hall
Mirrors… moved to 21st Hall

The mirrors quest was also moved from Dolven-View to the 21st Hall. And on top of that somebody came through and stole all the Khazâd ore and replaced it with Khazâd skarn! I jest – this is a naming change I must have missed along the way, much like how old timers will remember there was once Misty Mountain iron and silver, and now there is Ancient iron and silver. I remember Skarn showing up as I adventured into Enedwaith with Naerys and Dhrun, and just assumed that’s what the higher tier nodes were called, but the renaming must have stretched a ways back too. I do like how Turbine pays attention to little things like this.

Anyway, I am enjoying the champion class quite a bit. Fast combat, cool animations… my champ wields two one-handed swords, slices up the enemy, and looks good while doing it! Morale takes a bigger dip than it does on my guardian, but that’s what a shield and slower/safer combat gives you. The champ has a heal or two and I’m careful not to over-extend. It is fun choosing between finishing skills as the mob morale nears zero while my fervour grows. So far, still undefeated. 😉

2 thoughts on “LoTRO – early Moria”

  1. Am just about to enter Moria for the second time with my Tsuhelm my hunter(my Cappy has technically not left yet…) I have a friend to help (need to catch up first) as am a lowly 45! But am finding it challenging and you know what? That is refreshing in LOTRO nowadays 🙂

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