LoTRO – Pre Purchase

Well, there’s just no way to dodge the fact I’ve been quite lazy of late. My excuse is related to enjoying the great summer weather… anyway, I did get a few things done.

First, Naerys hit 85 at last! Whew, I no longer need to worry about Helm’s Deep releasing with me not having a max level character. My new concern is catching up in the Epic quests – Naerys is at 3.9.6, No Retreat, a little over two books behind, which I feel I can do in the next ~2 months.

Second, I purchased Helm’s Deep… the Premium Edition. Yeah I splurged, but LoTRO is the MMO I like the most. I dabble with others, take short breaks, but always return – for 6 years and counting now! It’s held my attention for this time.

After reaching Snowbourn, I took a few pics of the cosmetic items.

Armour of the Hammerhand
Armour of the Hammerhand

I’ve also got the Shield of the Hammerhand cosmetically equipped, so I’m protected all over!

Steed of the Hammerhand
Steed of the Hammerhand

Here I am mounted on my Steed of the Guardian.

War-steed of the Hammerhand
War-steed of the Hammerhand

Finally, the War-steed of the Hammerhand looks heavily armored and great!

One thought on “LoTRO – Pre Purchase”

  1. Cool to hear you’re so fond of LotRO still. It’s a game that’s really close to my heart as well (even though that may sound a bit silly when talking about MMOs). I like the look of the armour, but I’m not sure if I want to pre-purchase. I find myself playing less the last half year, and for me it’s actually strange to only have one level capped character, whereas I always used to have three to take with me to raids. Either way, enough rambling from me, enjoy your new stuff!

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