LoTRO – Weatherstock

I adventured a little bit, questing in Eaworth, and Naerys earned level 84. Almost to the level cap… 🙂

The most fun thing I did over the weekend was show up at Weatherstock! I knew about the event, but for various reasons was not able to attend any previous one. This time the announcement caught my eye and everything lined up so that I had a free afternoon to spend, so I made it a point to attend.

I logged in early and went to clear the countryside of flying drakes terrorizing the locals

Drake Battle
Drake Battle

before noting the time and using my handy travel map to Bree. I hadn’t been back to Bree in some time, so I rode through the city and on to the Forsaken Inn, remembering good times and adventures in the area.

At the Forsaken Inn, I had no trouble finding the gathering of music enthusiasts:

Forsaken Inn
Forsaken Inn

Even though I wanted to greet my fellow adventurers by name – all of them! – I decided that perhaps things would proceed smoother if I were to… disable names, temporarily of course.

After a few announcements, we mounted up or just walked, and made our way towards the summit.


Can you see me in the picture? I am riding Sunbeam, my Steed of Guardian, in the middle. You can just see the red/white checkerboard armor. (It was requested that those of us with War Horses refrain from using them. Fair enough, they can be tricky to control).

We group took a while to reach the summit and get ready, in fact night fell, but it was fine, safety in numbers as it is said.

Crowd Shot
Crowd Shot
Eagle View
Eagle View

I wandered around the venue choosing various vantage points, and settled back to enjoy the show. At one point, someone offered me tokens, pipeweed, and beer! Regrettably I do not recall who it was. I tried to offer money in exchange but they refused. After a few minutes passed, I discreetly drank all 5 of my beers and began dancing like a hobbit, along with several others nearby. (I didn’t take a picture lest this “scandalous” behavior become public).

The bands played through the night and after resting, I gained extra energy and rushed the stage, sort of. I wanted to get a closer picture of one of the bands and think it turned out well:


It was difficult to follow announcements so I missed the name of this band. They looked pretty cool in their matching outfits. All the bands looked and sounded great actually, it’s just this picture turned out the best.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the Battle of the Bands so I’m not sure who was voted as winner. Kudos to all musicians and organizers for a fantastic event. I registered for the “Weatherstock Wayfarer” title and am looking forward to displaying it!

EDIT: Jeromai provides additional coverage, including links to videos of the livestream. And he reminded of the hilarious and awesome performance of “Can’t Get No Catfish Action” by the Songburrow Strollers.


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