LoTRO – To Entwash Vale!

While I wait for my new computer to arrive, I’ve also been playing on my Mac Mini, making steady progress through zones released months ago.

Naerys hit level 83, and the significance of that was visiting the Quartermasters and trading some tokens in for Sutcroft Heavy Armor. I enjoy crafting, but the dynamic is odd in that generally by the time you get the reputation or level to buy the crafting recipes, you’ve outleveled what they are for. For example, Naerys can craft a handful of level 80 heavy armor pieces, but is better off trading tokens for armor. For me, catching up in crafting is something that happens later after hitting the current max level.

Had I been more alert I would have saved myself about 6 gold. One errand I ran was to visit Galtrev and check out what the Dunland or Rohirrim Quartermasters had, and I was excited to purchase 3 nice items of jewelry and armor for Dhrun (poking along at level 68). Of course, I thought I was buying crafting recipes for him, not items. Doh! Oh well, its just gold. 😉

Back in the Norcrofts, Naerys wrapped up the area by helping out the farmers of Faldham, earning the Reeve’s approval and being asked to help with a final defense. After a lengthy (and fun) solo instance defending Faldham and killing two Orc lieutenants, the followup quest will take me to Entwash Vale.

Faldham Defense
Faldham Defense

Mounted combat is still hectic for me. Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m doing other than hitting skills on refresh and steering in tight circles.

New Title
New Title

Part of that is the mounted combat system is large. There are light, medium, heavy mounts; light, medium, heavy bridles; light, medium, heavy traits; and within each of those traits, there are 3 trait lines: Red Dawn, Rohirrim, Riddermark. There are also legacies for the legendary bridles, and points to spend on trait lines and War-steed stats.

Now before anybody points out that the Legendary Weapon system is this large and complicated… the difference is that system modified skills and stats that we had dozens of levels to get familiar with, just by playing our characters. Mounted combat introduce the whole shebang all at once.

I do enjoy mounted combat and am hugely impressed with how much work went into it by the dev team. I’m not at all down on the system. It’s just a lot to come up to speed on. What I need to do is sit down with Lotro-Wiki and study up on the available War-steed Traits. Right now I’m using a medium War-steed, medium bridle, and legacies that seem decent (I’ll worry about picking better ones later). I’ve spent points in Riddermark tree (yellow) and on War-steed stats as well.

I guess this is one of those times where being “optimal” probably isn’t required. Somehow with my vague understanding of the system, I’ve muddled through and am having fun, so that’s all that matters!

Still, I should probably at least know what the capstones for each trait line do, and maybe think about my playstyle and if maybe there is a different combo that might work better. I don’t want to obsess over it though, at least not until I hit a wall and am stuck unable to complete what I need to do on a War-steed.


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