LoTRO – Poisoner Mystery

I got all busy over the previous weekend and didn’t get to play. Then I spent the first part of the week catching up on errands I missed due to the busy weekend, and didn’t get to play. Argh!

Anyway, I was able to sneak in a few minutes and work on a mystery in Cliving. It seems someone tried to poison the Reeve, and the guards needed an outside opinion.

So I interviewed the three suspects and listened to their stories. Ultimately, I decided that Eldora was the best suspect. It was not clear cut – all suspects has reasonable alibis or lacked motive. What tipped it to Eldora, unfortunately for her, was the simple fact that she had the best access to the kitchen in order to administer the poison.

Also going against Eldora, was a real-life notion that women choose poison as their murder weapon. That isn’t to say more men poison, or even that a higher proportion of poisoners are men, but that when women set out to commit murder, they preferentially choose it, fueling the myth of the female poisoner.

Even worse for poor Eldora was another real-life occurrence – I had just finished watching Dexter Season 7 via Netflix. Naturally, Hannah McKay’s antics were fresh in my mind!

Nevertheless, Eldora had the best access to the kitchen so that’s what I went with. It looks like she’ll be treated fairly; I went to visit after reporting my conclusion and learning she was arrested.

Eldora in Jail
Eldora in Jail

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