TSW – Leaving Kingsmouth

After nearly 30 hours in game, I’m finally leaving Kingsmouth for the Savage Coast. For those of you keeping score, that’s the 2nd zone in the game… I’m basically behind the entire player base. However, I am still very much enjoying myself.

I’ve unlocked 4 starter decks now, Maverick was the latest, and am now concentrating on Chaos Theorist. I did appreciate trying various weapon combos out, but the one I like the most is fist/chaos so I’m saving up my ability points for higher level skills in those areas. Or inner circle skills, given the TSW skill circle. 😉

Before leaving, I went to check my quest log and lore log to see what I missed. I also checked on the wiki… I think of myself as a reasonable explorer, so imagine my shock when I found that I had missed around a dozen of the side missions in Kingsmouth! I went on a spree to hunt them down and finish them off.

My last quest was the Idol of Nergal, in which I had to deliver the idol to the local church. While the quest was active, my aggro range was larger than normal, plus some extra zombies would spawn and follow me. I stopped occasionally to fight them off…

Reanimated Warrior
Reanimated Warrior

and eventually made it to the church and sent in my report (TSW lingo for completing the quest – many of them involve calling your faction’s HQ and reporting in).

I’ve crafted my own Quality Level 3 weapons, and have a set of QL 3 talismans. In TSW, talismans take the place of armor – the talismans have various buffs and stat bonuses and can generally be categorized as tanking, healing, or DPS. Ideally players would have a set of each, allowing them to swap talismans and weapons and change group roles. I’m not that well off and kinda take what I can get.

I really like the mission variety in TSW. Some missions require some stealthy action (infiltrate base, access computers while staying away from guards), some are outright puzzles (one requires solving a morse code message to get the next coords to visit), others are typical combat missions (kill X number of mobs, build up to a boss fight).

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