GW2 – Cultural Armor

My mesmer Summer hit level 35, and that meant I could get tier 1 Sylvari cultural armor.

Snapdragon Armor
Snapdragon Armor

I think it looks pretty good and the only downside was the fact I blew all my money on this armor. I realized that right after purchasing 4 or 5 of the 6 pieces. Oops!

That’s an issue because eventually at level 40, I’ll want to buy a Master’s Training Manual so I can put 20 points into a trait line and also open Master traits… problem is the manual costs 1 gold and I’m super poor again.

I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, but I am also willing to fix this problem the old fashioned way – spend money. 😉 As in, real world cash to the in-game shop for gems, and sell those gems for in-game gold.

Yeah that’s right, if I don’t have enough gold saved up to buy the Master’s Training Manual, I’ll just “charge it”. I’m not currently playing a subscription MMO and am willing to spend $10 to $15 a month for a game I like, so I’ll just view it as my monthly MMO budget spending. After my very brief experience in RO, I’ll plunk down some moolah to support a game I enjoy playing, even if they are F2P or B2P or whatever. I’ve bought Turbine Points in LoTRO during sales and plan to keep doing so, even though I’m a VIP and accumulate them monthly. I haven’t yet spent any additional money in TSW but that game is definitely worth it to me, and I will browse the cash shop and find something I want to get.

Anyway, while I’m taking Summer through the storyline (currently in the middle of joining The Order of Whispers) and exploring, I’ve decided to do the zone exploration thing on her as well. I went back to The Grove and Lion’s Arch and hit 100% completion. Since I was focused on opening waypoints before, this didn’t take long since I could map travel around, plus I already did this stuff on Aurora (my elementalist) so I don’t have to spend as much time figuring out how to get to vistas. I’ll do the zone completion a little differently on Summer – by backfilling a zone here and there while trying to level and keep up with the storyline.

3 thoughts on “GW2 – Cultural Armor”

  1. Let me give you some advice:
    1- You can try buy the manual in the TP, it iwll be a few less exp3ensive than the 2 gold you wasted;
    2- a good place for leveling currently is Southsun Isle: everyone is upleveled to level 80 and there are a lot of players and zergs there doing the living story contents;
    3- the great advantage for go to Southsun now is that you can use there a buff that give 400% coin drop, so while you level there you can farm some money.

    Try that advice and you can make some levels and gain some money. Take note that will work while the current living event is happening.

  2. Thanks! I hadn’t thought of checking out the trading post for manuals. And I need to open up Southsun Isle; even my main char hasn’t been there.

    1. The uplevel to level 80 will stay only while the living event is there. After it, I guess it will return to a normal level 80 zone. So, there is not much time for use that zone for leveling.

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