TSW – Illuminati Tunnels

It’s been a while since I played TSW, and since this is double ability point weekend, I put aside some time. I hope to unlock the Trickster starter deck and get a new costume, and for that I need to earn 14 more ability points, and then buy the two elite skills: Domino Effect, and Probability.

Illuminati Tunnels

Wayness was at the Digger Deeper mission for a while, and I finally tackled it. The mission given by Henry Hawthorne was to locate and explore the Illuminati Tunnels beneath Kingsmouth.

Unlike many other MMOs, in The Secret World, many missions require you to figure out how to start them. Or in this case, how to find them! I mean actually find the starting location, not counting the start as getting the mission from the quest giver.

Some would find this frustrating, but I kind of like it. Especially because I’m behind the initial wave of players, which means there are spoilers available if I choose to go that route. But I always spend a few minutes searching and trying to use the in-game clues to make an honest attempt to figure stuff out.

After carefully following the quest instructions, I did find the start, but didn’t figure out how to open the door, so to speak. I punted and googled for some help – here is a bit of a spoiler on what I found:

The Key I Needed
The Key I Needed

With that, I entered and found myself facing several more puzzles – no combat at all in the tunnels. I do like this kind of variety in missions!

I eventually made it to a puzzle that immediately reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

Spelling Puzzle
Spelling Puzzle

Remember that scene where they had to jump letter to letter across a hidden chasm? But the word had one letter different in the original language? Heh, no jumping across chasms here, but not spelling the answer correctly leads to poison gas release.

Further in, I finally access the Illuminati sanctum. I gotta say, this is decorated exactly how I’d picture a real Illuminati hidden lair would be. 🙂

Statue Puzzle
Statue Puzzle

I eventually completed the mission and exited.

If I haven’t mentioned it already, I am really enjoying my time in TSW – I think it’s a great game. Nice mission variety, huge skill system with unique mechanics, etc. I know some people would blanch at the theme parkiness, but I like well done theme parks and so far (granted I’m still in the first area) it has been a fun time for me. Well worth the price.

Juggling MMO’s

Despite my blog name, I’m lousy and dividing up my time evenly. I find that playing 2 MMOs doesn’t result in a 50-50 split, it is more like 80-20. Similarly, trying to split time between 3 doesn’t come out as 33-33-33 (ok… 34-33-33 haha); for me it would likely be 70-20-10 or 60-20-20 at best. 4 MMO’s would probably be 70-10-10-10 rather than anything remotely close to 25% time devoted to each.

Basically, at any given time, there is one dominant MMO that I’m inspired to “get further” in and play more of. Which I suppose is fine, although I’m going to see if I can force a slightly better balance.

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