GW2 – Lowbie Zone exploration

My adventures in GW2 continue…

I hit level 12 or so while in Caledon Forest, and was at that awkward point of having finished everything earlier, but not quite being strong enough for the remainder. So I explored west into Metrica Province and worked my way to the corner where Rata Sum is. I really enjoy the look/feel of the Asura areas – floating cubes, golems, science with a fantasy twist. Poor Asurans though, for super geniuses they sure do have a lot of golem and machine calamities!

I did full exploration of each zone encountered on Aurora (my Asuran ele), exploring overland and steadily working my way around the map, but I found I wasn’t as enthused for that this time around. I did finish off Caledon Forest, but as for Metrica Province, I only discovered the waypoints (handy for future fast travel), did the hearts (good quest xp, rather than just grinding mobs) and skill challenges (extra skill points). I’m not going to get hung up on the Points of Interest or Scenic Vistas. I’m also trying to do more dynamic events, and have surprised myself by finishing a few on my own, despite being designed for groups.

I’m not going to explore as linearly on Summer (my Sylvari mesmer). Instead, I’m going to skip around, because I’ve spent very little time in Charr regions and quite a bit in the Asura/Sylvari ones. After arriving at Rata Sum, I ran around to discover all the waypoints, then zipped over to Lions Arch, Divinity’s Reach, Hoelbrak, and Black Citadel in order to do the same.

When I continue, I’m going to travel to the Black Citadel and quest out of there.

Super Adventure Box

For now, it is time to play the Super Adventure Box, because it might go away at the end of April!

After finding Moto near the Lion’s Arch Asura Gate, I jumped in and played around for a bit. It’s a fantastic game-within-a-game and great replica of good ol’ platformers from 20 years ago.

Super Adventure Box
Super Adventure Box

Playing this reminded me of playing a Nintendo, from the graphics and music to the level flow. I hope they keep it around after April; it would be a shame to have this much effort by the artists and programmers only playable this month.

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