TSW – Illuminati Investigation

I took a quest from Henry Hawthorne to investigate Kingsmouth for clues and traces the Illuminati left. So I headed out the church door and noticed a highlighted manhole cover… on closer examination there was some info and further clues. In general, this quest was a follow-the-trail to a fight to get a clue to a secondary location kind of quest. Good times!


I like how the mission journal can hold pictures, for easy reference. Many quests in the game require noticing clues in drawings or diagrams, solving puzzles, and so on. Having a picture in the quest journal is fantastic and saves me from making all kinds of sketches or notes on pieces of paper.

A cool thing I recently discovered is the Chronicle, which is similar to WoW’s armory or LoTRO’s lorebook. It’s a character page, and you can see my character Wayness Tamm and marvel at my meager progress. 😉

Working on Trickster
Working on Trickster

One sub-goal I have is unlocking some of the starter decks. I began with fist weapons, dabbled around a bit with pistols too, but decided to focus on unlocking starter decks to get decent builds, variety, and some extra outfits (I think). Right now I’m working on Trickster, which is a Dragon clan fist/chaos deck. I’m short 3 skills: Probability, Domino Effect, Chaos Adept.

I’m really enjoying TSW so far, and I’m not even out of the initial area. However, I also need to concentrate on making some good progress. I’m also willing to spend money in the store and support the buy-to-play model.

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