EVE – PI Wrapup

So it seems that by actually extracting resources in hi-sec, I’ve been doing it wrong (as poster Chris said in a reply to my previous PI entry). What I should have done is not extract anything, and just buy stuff off market to reprocess to a higher tier. It also would have been excruciatingly slow going, starting with 6 million ISK and being an hour round trip from market, but I suppose had I stuck it out that would have been the better choice.

After fiddling with my spreadsheet, I estimate that I could make about 100K profit for each Nano-Factory and Sterile Conduit. (Organic Mortar Applicators do not appear profitable with current pricing). If I had enough materials to run the factories at max capacity, that means 5 million ISK profit/day. And in turns that means ~150 million ISK profit/month.

This sounds a lot better! Only a few logistics problems are in the way: ISK needed to buy quantities of commodities, time needed to haul back/forth. However, the largest issue is that I let my subscription lapse a few days before Chris’ post. So, no rebuilding PI infrastructure, no moving to new planets, no buying and hauling goods to market, etc. I’m done with EVE for a while.

Sorry, but the amount of time spent grinding ISK in order to do other stuff is too high for me. No-extraction PI looks great now, but I’m still weeks away from earning a reasonable income (say, 20 million ISK/week) for the amount of time I have and want to spend doing it. A back of the envelope calculation tells me that it would take another 6 weeks, which is very optimistic because it assumes I have enough ISK to simply rebuild all new PI infrastructure (plus have maxed out command centers to power as many processing buildings as possible) and purchase a maximum amount of commodities to immediately start cranking on.

My gaming time is usually 2-3 chunks of time per week, in ~3 hours blocks, and I’m not finding that to be conducive to newbies starting out and finding a way to make a sustainable income (with my further requirement that said income is fun for me to do, ruling out trading and mining, both of which I find to be deathly boring). I can’t log in every day to check market prices and optimize what I produce. I mean jeez, doing that starts to feel like an actual second job running a small restaurant or something. Um… no, I meant to play a game for fun, I don’t want to lose sight of my relaxation and downtime.

So, I’m done with EVE for now. I’m going to dabble in some other MMOs, and re-pick up some I’ve wandered away from. EVE is too demanding for me to get anywhere in with the time I have, which is fine, I’m sure New Eden will do great without me.

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