EVE – PI week 2

Here are results (in a shorter summary format) for week 2 of my Planetary Interaction results. The difference between this week and last week, as far as moving resources back and forth, was that I purchased various amounts of refined commodities before heading out. My planets don’t produce refined commodities in the same quantities, so I bought more of the least produced items, in order to make an extra advanced commodity or two.

Basically, I evened out the quantities by buying an extra amount of the low 2 PI-produced commodities, to equal the amount of the 2nd highest. I couldn’t afford to buy up the low 3 to equal to top amount. For example, looking at last week’s numbers, Chalice would have bought 60 polytextiles and 40 synthetic oil, so that she had 170 of polytextiles, synthetic oil, and fertilizer. There would be leftover superconductors, which eventually could be also sold off. But I didn’t sell the extra this time, in order to track what just producing the advanced commodities earns.

Profit Summary

In 1000’s of ISK:

  • Chalice – 2586
  • Sunbeam – 1408
  • Halcyon – 1366
  • Total: 5360


Income is a little better, but still dismal at a little over 5 million ISK per week. I was hoping for an income more like 10 to 15 million ISK per week, doing PI once a week, but maybe that’s too much to hope for. Unfortunately, I fall short by over 50%. I’m sure it is the combo of “high-sec” and “once a week” (for 2.5 hours), but that’s all the time I’m willing to spend basically farming ISK to support doing fun stuff.

I’m following with great interest, Mabrick’s challenge, taken up by Grimmash. I can’t replicate Mabrick’s numbers, heck I can’t even get 10% of those numbers (although I am not making NRP; maybe the markup on that is enormous). Even the modified profits from Kao Jai are nearly orders of magnitude larger than my results. Is that really high-sec and 30 minutes a day?! If that were true, wouldn’t everybody be PLEXing their accounts effortlessly from hi-sec profits? I can’t believe CCP wouldn’t nerf that.

It could be shifting to NRP is the way to go, but that would require rebuilding most of my PI infrastructure, selecting new planets, and grinding more ISK to build it again. I’m just not up for that. I have a good overall feeling from these past weeks of commodity production, and with the time I spend on the planets I have access to, there is no way I’d make 100 million ISK in a month – I’d be a high risk loan from Mabrick’s corporation’s point of view; a “non conforming loan” in mortgage parlance. So I’m not going to go that route.

However, I have figured out what I’ll do going forward, and I’ll get to that later.

2 thoughts on “EVE – PI week 2”

  1. you are doing it wrong. Your pi for high sec is tottaly tottaly wrong. Never use extractors at high sec. Instead buy them from jita import to planet then go p1 to p3 or p4 depending your skills.

    Then you need to limit the powergrid and cpu as much as possible. So facilities are on top of each other. 100m is a joke per char , probable 400+ per month if you can find the amount of resources needing. Thats per char and minimum you can get on high sec. I am doing null atm have done high – low – wh. (best = Wh)

  2. Ah, now that makes sense, thanks for the info and direct explanation.
    Buy everything and process it… I didn’t do that when I started because I had so little ISK! Argh.

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