EVE – PI week 1

Here is how week 1 of Planetary Interaction went, using a 6 day 22 hour extraction cycle. Now that I’m done building out the infrastructure, I can collect profit.

Note that the Advanced Commodities produced were actually using last week’s materials, so this first week might be a little off, but that should even out. Also, I’m rounding ISK amounts to the thousands. Furthermore, I’m accounting for export/import taxes by just recording ISK after I’m done at the market. I’m too lazy to split out the various fees involved.


My first/main character is running colonies on 5 planets and producing Nano-Factories. That involves 4 Refined Commodities and the finished product.

  • Nano-Factory: 4
  • Fertilizer: 170
  • Polytextiles: 110
  • Superconductors: 205
  • Synthetic Oil: 130

I exported and hauled the 4 Refined Commodities to the first planet, dropped them off, picked up the Nano-Factories, and hauled to Dodixie to sell. While traveling to Dodixie, I reset a 6 day 22 hour production cycle.

  • Start ISK (000’s): 2610
  • End ISK (000’s): 4054
  • Profit (000’s): 1444
  • Time spent: 0:27


An alt is producing Organic Mortar Applicators using 5 planets.

  • Organic Mortar Applicators: 2
  • Mechanical Parts: 175
  • Consumer Electronics: 160
  • Coolant: 170
  • Oxides: 125

Did the same pick-up, drop-off, and hauling to market to sell.

  • Start ISK (000’s): 3911
  • End ISK (000’s): 4122
  • Profit (000’s): 211
  • Time spent: 1:02


An alt is producing Sterile Conduits using 5 planets.

  • Sterile Conduits: 2
  • Miniature Electronics: 80
  • Construction Blocks: 185
  • Livestock: 170
  • Viral Agents: 200

Did the same pick-up, drop-off, and hauling to market to sell.

  • Start ISK (000’s): 2147
  • End ISK (000’s): 2649
  • Profit (000’s): 502
  • Time spent: 1:06


  • Profit (000’s): 2157
  • Time spent: 2:35

Unfortunately, the profit numbers are completely dismal. Another surprising thing was the time it took; the bulk of which was travel to/from Dodixie. So, I did the typical thing when faced with travel, killing time by doing household chores and/or watching TV (thank goodness for TV via Netflix DVDs and the ability to pause at will) or reading on another computer. At this rate, it would take 23.2 weeks to accumulate 50 million ISK to buy a NRP blueprint, or 4.6 weeks to accumulate 10 million ISK for a Vexor cruiser (and of course, I’d really want several times more to account for loss).

That’s terrible – these expenses are just roundoff for established players, but large obstacles for me.

I made far more than ~2 million ISK/week while building out my planetary interaction infrastructure. I suspect the difference is the 7 day draw cycle versus the 1/2 day cycles I used previously. I’ll see what next week’s numbers are, but it looks like a weekly PI cycle won’t be enough income to be useful.

Another possibility is that manufacturing Advanced Commodities isn’t worth it, due to the export/import taxes moving Refined Commodities to the factory planet, and the export taxes on the resulting Advanced Commodities.


Production is throttled by the least-produced commodity. I could try boosting production (e.g by upgrading command centers, supplying more power for more extractor head units), or buying extra commodities to make up for the deficient ones. Both strategies require more ISK which in turn would require more time-intensive PI fiddling, but that’s just not going to happen.

I might try a week of just selling the Refined/Specialized Commodities, instead of processing them all the way to Advanced. I hope that works out better, because if it takes several weeks to earn the amount for an inexpensive decent ship, I have some thinking to do about playing.

One thought on “EVE – PI week 1”

  1. Try looking at contracting to buy P1 materials in Dodixie. You should cut down on the planets you need to operate since you can forgo the extraction process on some of them and your return trip from Dodixie isn’t an empty hauler. If you can’t operate by buying the P1’s and make a profit then either you have the wrong P3/P4’s or the taxes are too high. You might talk to this guy — http://foo-eve.blogspot.com/ — The kind of obstacle you are hitting as a new player is overcome only by a long time doing small profit tasks and hoarding resources or joining up with some other new guys and overcoming the obstacles together. Like Mabrick, Foo is in WH space and doing PI industry — low entry cost, good profits, good learning, no taxes, and low risk for losses relative to your gains for a new player.

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