LoTRO – Warsteed

It has been far too long since I played in Middle Earth, so I cranked up the Mac LoTRO client 😉 and ventured in to continue my adventures.

I had left off in Harwick, ready to take the Warsteed tutorial. After speaking to Seoca, I summoned my new Medium Warsteed, named Keely.

My Warsteed
My Warsteed

The tutorial consisted of basic maneuvering, a slalom course of flags, jumping gates, and then combat. The Warsteed builds up speed and has momentum – it does not stop or turn quickly, which took a little getting used to. My first lap around the training course involved me running straight into the outer wall a few times. 😉

Once I got the hang of it, I advanced in the tutorial to the combat portion. My task was to land 10 blows on a training dummy, so I started, building up speed/fury for a single hit and then stopping. Eventually I got the hang of “steering” my warsteed around the oval at speed – granted, I wound up taking some turns VERY wide; good thing there were no spectators lining the course! – and rotated through my mounted attacks on the training dummies.

Mounted Combat
Mounted Combat

I finished the tutorial and collected the Legendary Bridle reward. I’ve found a few here and there in Rohan, and now have the trait the lets me slot them and advance their traits.

I need more practice controlling my Warsteed, so instead of riding my regular mount around, I’ll use Keely as well. I’m behind the entire rest of the player population as far as Warsteed knowledge, but the good news is I can read up on various excellent guides others have published. 🙂 For example, Danania: Supergirl of Lórien, has a 5 part guide I am going to study, starting with part 1.

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