TSW – Kingsmouth

I’ve been enjoying more zombie killing in the first area of The Secret World, Kingsmouth. So far the unique skill tree and build mechanics have drawn me in, and I’m just barely outside the tutorial!

I started with a Fist weapon, and paired it with Chaos magic. But I eventually shifted to pistols, partly because they are a range weapon, and partly because I decided to try a “low/no” magic route at first. I’ve only unlocked a few dozen skills, active and passive, but have a decent rotation that involves building resources with Fist attacks, then using a big Fist closer for extra damage. I’m nearly done buying the first tier of Fist skills (Feral and Primarl) and am looking forward to getting the initial elite skill, Go For The Throat.

One exciting thing was figuring out the crafting mechanism, which is also uniquely done. I particularly like the streamlined ingredients and layout-based recipes. Below I am wielding QL2 weapons that I made myself. 🙂

My claws
My claws

This initial zone has good atmospheric dread. And I also like the layout. For example, the city blocks have stores and homes on the street side, with an enclosed courtyard with playgrounds and backyards. It would be a nice place to live except for the zombie apocalypse.


They’ve also made an effort to change up the missions away from the usual formula of killing X guys or looting Y items. Quest givers have sent me out to retrieve survival items, which makes sense given the threat the city faces. I rounded up security cameras and redeployed them for protection. Some quests have been to track down missing people and either verify they are safe or… well you know, zombie invasion and all. 😉

One mission that was a little frustrating was a stealth mission, where I ultimately had to make my way through a room, avoiding two moving spotlights. The frustration came from me being caught in the light when I thought I was fine. That’s OK, there didn’t seem to be a harsh penalty for retries!

Avoiding the Spotlight
Avoiding the Spotlight

Anyway, I’m looking forward to wrapping up the initial side of the Kingsmouth map, and moving a bit deeper in. As well as opening up more Pistol skills and fiddling around with my deck (TSW terms for skill loadout).

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