TSW – Zombies

My curiosity got the better of me and I bought The Secret World. Several other bloggers are generally positive about it, so I figured even at $30 from Steam, it was a good deal (I missed that big sale in December when Amazon had it for super cheap. Missed it by an hour or so I think.) I could have waited, hoping for this title to go back on sale again, but I said what the heck and grabbed it.

Training Dojo
Training Dojo

The game is set in the modern world, amidst various conspiracy theories, myths, and legends. I created a character and joined the Dragons, and made my way through the tutorial. After beating up on various training dummies, I decided to leave with Fist and Chaos weapons equipped.


The intro mission led me to Agartha, which is a nexus between worlds. In game terms, it seems to be the travel hub where your character branches out to various locations for further exploration and adventure. My first destination was Kingsmouth, overrun by zombies. I battled my way in, followed the mission instructions (kill zombies, investigate bodies, etc.) and made it to the police station.

Ready to Fight
Ready to Fight

I didn’t get a chance to play for long, so I blew through everything up to this point, skimming over tutorial tips and so forth. My real goal was just to get a taste of the game and quick intro to the mechanics, and at a later time (ideally over the weekend when I can get a few uninterrupted hours) possibly redo with a bit more care.

I did enjoy the bit I played, and am looking forward to more! For one thing, the skill system looks really interesting: equip 7 active and 7 passive skills from hundreds, divided between various weapons and magic. I’m resisting the urge to read up on everything, and thus trend towards min/maxing, and would like to instead just kinda go with the flow and discover stuff in-game.

I do know from reading other blogs that the mission system is quite different as well – many missions require careful reading of the instructions or searching to discover the proper trigger point to advance. This all sounds good to me!

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