EVE – Skill Training

I got busy and wasn’t able to play EVE too much lately.

What I made sure to do, was to keep my skill queue chugging along. I decided I’m best off training new skills to level 2 or maybe 3 depending, and then getting key ones to 4 and a select few up to 5.

Navigation to 5 was one, since that speed bonus applies to all ships and the skill is a X1 multiplier. I’ll train Mechanics to 5 as well, because that boost a ship’s structure hit points. I’ll probably train Engineering to 5, for the extra power grid output.

My plan is to get all the Engineering skills to Level 4. They all have to do with capacitor usage and energy, and I hit limits quite a bit. So a few percentage here and there will help, even if it isn’t hugely obvious.

Then I’d like to get the other Navigation skills to Level 4.

I was going to train my Gunnery skills more, but I’d like longer range weapons. My Small Hybrid Turret’s optimal range is 10 km, with a falloff at 18 km. Even maxing out Sharpshooter won’t increase the range that much. I’m thinking of going into Missiles instead.

What I’ll probably do is train up the various Drone skills to Level 4, since I’m Gallente after all. Maybe after that I’ll decide on Missiles vs Turrets.

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