EVE – Epic Arc

We’re getting into holiday season and between travel and time off, I probably won’t be able to play and blog much. However, I will make an effort to keep my EVE skill queue filled with something so I don’t waste time. 😉


I decided to start in on the newbie Epic Arc: The Blood-stained Stars. Of course, getting to Sister Alitura in Arnon presented a minor inconvenience. I wanted to relocate a few ships from Trossere, and while it is easy enough to “Set Destination” and fly out on auto-pilot, it takes time. As in, 20 minutes one-way. Yes, I timed it.

I wanted to take my Catalyst, Imicus, Tristan, and Iteron. I was going to package each ship up and transport them with the Iteron, but it turns out that voids insurance, and I had a policy on each ship. Hmmm.

So I wound up flying a ship out, leaving, and returning to Trossere in my pod, and repeating for the next ship.

While I was doing all this, I used to market to find some skills books and items I wanted to buy. Now I have Salvaging and will train it so I can be more effective looting NPC ships I defeat.

Epic Arc

I found a great write-up of Blood-stained Stars (BSS) at the Eve University site, and am thrilled with how much each missions pays, ISK-wise. Yes, I know, you with the multiple space stations in null sec, choosing between a different Titan every day to fly, scoff at a measly 150K ISK (on average). For me that is a lot and I could use the cash to buy equipment, skills, and other stuff I need as a relatively new player. So I’m pretty happy CCP has something like that in the game, a gentler extended intro to the game past the tutorial missions.

I started in and am currently on Mission 17: House of Records, which actually is on a section of the story which is at another system entirely – Hatakani.


I started BSS in my Tristan, but after a few missions that required running away to repair and return, I decided it was time to switch up to the destroyer: The Catalyst.

I found a mission fitting, from the Eve University site (can you tell I really like that site? It’s got tons of great info for players like me). I followed it pretty close but plan to experiment with different components as I get more familiar with what is available. The Catalyst is now my missioning ship.


While at each station playing through the BSS, I made a note of Agents available to me. I’ve seen a few Distribution Agents (courier missions), and even a Research Agent. I bookmarked a few systems with a mental note to come back for some missioning variety!

I’ll need to bump up my status with various agents in order to get higher level missions.


It’s been about a month since I restarted EVE, and I got an email saying my initial period was almost expired. I decided to renew on the 3-month plan, and am looking forward to more adventures. I chat with my coworker that plays and hope to find something we can do together that I wouldn’t be totally unable to participate in.


I just love the graphics in EVE Online – every station look awesome in my opinion.

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