EVE – Military

The military missions went pretty quick… fighting pirates was something I remembered pretty well from the first time I played EVE.

In fact, I sped right through to the Advanced Military sequence, which were new to me. This sequence had me try out different equipment: Civilian Remote Armor Repairer, Civilian Shield Booster, Civilian Web Stasis, Civilian Afterburner; all provided by the tutorial.

The point of these missions was to introduce/familiarize players with these items, which have use in PvP situations, both offense and defense.

The tutorial sequence also had me do two (!!) suicide missions! One was to stay in a fight until the end, and warp out in my pod, and the other was to deliver and explosive ship to pirate headquarters.

Flying a Bomb
Flying a Bomb

Of course I did the sensible thing and insured both ships before heading out, thus collecting money for their demise. 🙂


At the end of the Advanced Military missions, I received a destroyer – the Catalyst!



At one point in the sequence, I had to wait a bit for a skill to train. I decided to do some shopping, and buy the normal versions of the Civilian items I had been provided. (Civilian items can be used without training the appropriate skill, but naturally they aren’t as effective as the normal items. However, they are good enough for tutorial missions.)

So I did some market searches and flew around 4-8 hops to get lower prices. I’m still amazed at the graphics on ships and stations in this game, they are all great looking to me!


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