EVE – Industry Tutorial 2

I wanted to wrap up this mission sequence, so I was back at it the next day.

More Manufacturing

The next mission was to manufacture Cap Boosters (not sure what they are for). I had enough materials leftover from previous mining and reprocessing, I didn’t have to mine more. I completed this quickly after running the blueprint twice.


Surprise, surprise, the followup mission was to deliver the Cap Boosters. This was straightforward: after loading the cargo (haha, that would be classic error #1, forgetting to bring along the cargo you are supposed to deliver!), setting my destination, I flew there with no incidents. It was only 1 jump away.

Build a Shuttle

After returning to Caille University, the agent offered me another manufacturing task: build a Civilian Gallente shuttle. It looked like that’s all I had to do for this part, build it. When I clicked Accept, EVE warned me the shuttle takes up 500 cubic meters, while my current ship, the Navitas, was too small. Well, I figure I’ll deal with that later.

A quick check of materials showed I was short: I needed 3167 cubic meters, but only had 1522 cubic meters. Time to mine more Veldspar and then reprocess that.

I undocked and realized I wasn’t sure where to go for asteroids. I fiddled with the overview and switched it from “General” to “All” and found something labeled as an Asteroid Belt, so I warped there.

And… saw nothing. I swiveled the camera all around and nothing. Did Asteroids move around like Exploration sites? Was I supposed to scan as in Exploration, for asteroids to mine? Hm….

I figured the best option was to punt and just buy a little Veldspar from the market. I couldn’t find any so I search for Tritanium. That pulled back dozens of hits and after spending a little ISK, I had enough to make the shuttle.

Spy Revenge

The 9th mission in this series is to draw out a spy by mining, and then fighting when the spy/pirate shows up. So, I need to fit a weapon and a mining laser. Since my Navitas already had all that fitted, I just used it.

After mining one asteroid and moving to another, the pirate finally showed up. We fought and it was over quickly. I looted the “Production Assistant” and returned to the station to finish the mission.

Navitas Building

The final mission was to use the provided Navitas blueprint. I lazed out and just purchased the needed minerals from the market. I submitted the job and noted it would take about 1 hour 15 minutes to complete. I decided to take advantage of letting the system work for me while I was offline doing other real-life stuff. 🙂


My reward for completing this series of missions was an Iteron. I had to buy the skill book that allowed me to pilot this ship, and train to level 1, but when I finished I undocked briefly to check it out.


It’s a Gallente industrial ship with a cargo hold of 3000 m^3. That’s a huge amount of space compared to the other ships I have!

Rookie Help

EVE has a reputation for being tough and unforgiving, but I can say first hand that at least the rookie help chat channel is friendly.

Earlier when I had to mine, I glossed over the fact I had some trouble. I tried to mine but kept receiving an error “can only activate on asteroid”. Puzzled, I tried a few things and finally decided to try to rookie help channel.

In other games, when rookies/newbies ask a question, they tend to get roasted. I didn’t expect much when I typed in my issue: why do I keep getting an error when I try to mine an asteroid?

After a few moments, 3 different players responded and said similar things: what is the name of the asteroid? You can only mine ones that say the name of the ore, for example “Asteroid (Veldspar)”. The other kinds aren’t mineable. Look around and find an asteroid named “Asteroid (oretype)”.

Amazing! The responses were helpful and friendly, and short of flying out and helping me look, great assistance.

So I took their advice and zoomed out. Lo and behold, I saw another (tiny) object that was indeed an asteroid I could mine.

Tiny Asteroid
Tiny Asteroid

See it in the screenshot above? (I zoomed out quite a ways to capture the size of the other objects floating around). No? I’ll circle it in red.

Circled Asteroid
Circled Asteroid

I spent my time going back and forth between the gigantic other non-mindable asteroids that dominated the area, and didn’t notice the tiny one there in between, until other helpful players pointed out what was wrong. Now I see how to update my overview to display “collidable objects”, but that makes for a noisy display.

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