EVE – Industry Tutorial

This tutorial series started out with mining. So I fitted the provided mining laser and warped out to a nearby asteroid belt and started up.

Two Mining Missions

After a few minutes, I had enough ore to complete the mission so I returned to station. The next step involved getting more ore and refining it… I checked and I mined enough on my previous trip I didn’t have to undock and get more. My reward was another ship: the Navitas. Yay!

Mining Veldspar
Mining Veldspar

Blueprint Mission

The mission after that was to use blueprints to build Civilian Afterburners. I had to work slowly to figure out where in the UI I had to go for the information I needed. The first step was locating the blueprints, which appeared in my item hanger. Right-clicking, “Show Info”, and then “Bill of Materials” listed out what I needed to make it. The skill needed was “Industry level 1” (which I didn’t have, there was a red X) and the Materials needed was “Tritanium” (I had 76 and needed 61).

I clicked “Next” on the tutorial and Aura warned I had to relocated to a station that had “Science & Industry” services. Fortunately the one I was in did have those, which is great because I didn’t want to dig out a map and figure out where I was and where the nearest facilities were.

I don’t have Industry trained, and wasn’t provided the skill book… what would happen? As I made the configuration choices in the “Science & Industry” dialog box, I realized I was trying to make a Civilian Afterburner, so maybe those don’t have a skill requirement to make. (In another tutorial you are provided with Civilian Codebreakers, Civilian Analyzer – usable without the regular skills trained. Civilian items are weaker than their regular counterparts.)

But that theory crashed out as the next dialog was “Skill Required – you need to have the Industry skill at the necessary level.”

Missing Skill
Missing Skill

Well that is a bad result for a TUTORIAL. My guess is perhaps this skill is given in the Business sequence? In any case, CCP should fix this to provide the skill book and let people take the missions in any order; how am I supposed to know to do Business first?

As far as me being stuck, well I wasn’t sure I had time to do the entire Business sequence before returning to the Industry missions. And even if I did, I wasn’t sure I would receive the skill. So I searched in the market, and found it local (same station I was in) for a reasonable price. Good thing I played EVE before and can kinda stumble through with some half-remembered info. After receiving the skill book, I had to wait ~9 minutes for it to train to level 1 so I could continue the tutorial.

Again, not fatal, but certainly a poor experience in a tutorial for newbies. I took the opportunity to juggle my skill queue around, training Industry 3 times (to level 3), Mining to level 3, and then Astrometrics (my current long-term skill to make sure I don’t waste precious hours of training during the day) to level 4.

Industry completed training, so I submitted the manufacturing job. It took another ~4 minutes to complete the Afterburner so I waited patiently, listening to the background music. It completed and I was able to finish up the mission.

Mining with Enemies Around

The next mission (Mountain out of Molehills 4) was basically the same – mine more Veldspar – but the agent warned of rogue drones. Hm… better fit a laser or some kind of weapon in addition to the mining laser. So I looked around and realized I don’t have a good weapon. I had the Light Electron Blaster on my Imicus (from the initial tutorial) and could swap that over, but that may not cut it. Perhaps I should do the Military missions first. Industry is listed last but REALLY, can the tutorials be that order dependent?

I loaded up the Navitas with a Mining Laser, the Light Electron Blaster, and Light Armor Repairer (also from the initial tutorial). Unfortunately, the Fitting Windows said that the the Capacitor would deplete in 16 seconds. I guess that means I don’t have enough juice to run everything at the same time, or I could but only for 16 seconds… all the same I took the Armor Repairer along with me.

I arrived at the Deadspace location and saw two NPC enemies in the area, both were Moth Apis. So, I started my battle sequence: orbit enemy, lock target, click to start the auto-firing. The fight went quick but I was pounded. They went through my shields and half my armor, ouch! I need to beef up a bit before fighting any more.

Post Fight
Post Fight. I got beat up by two wimpy NPCs, but survived.

Courier Mission

The next mission was a delivery: take some electronic parts from Trossere VII, Moon 3, University of Caille, to Foves V, Center of Advanced Studies. I figured this wouldn’t be too bad, even though the ending system’s security status was 0.6. I set the destination and the route info said it was 4 jumps. I lazed out and using the Autopilot.

Approaching a gate
Approaching a gate

I had no issues, and used the time to write/edit this very post. 😉

More Manufacturing

After completing the mission, I took the next one which involved more blueprints. Or I tried to – it wouldn’t let me since I was in Foves V and the agent was back in Troserre VII. So I undocked and autopilot’ed my way back.

Once I got back to Troserre VII, I decided it was a good stopping point, so I double checked my training queue (Industry to 3, Mining to 3, Astrometrics to 4; total time for queued skills was about 1.5 days – perfect) and logged off.

4 thoughts on “EVE – Industry Tutorial”

  1. Thanks for this tutorial! I was stuck in the blueprint mission due to not receiving the Industry book.

  2. Buiseness 10/10 quest needs ‘industry’ skill to complete, but I didnl’t get this in previous 9 buiseness missions so I bought that skill in the market

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