Session Play – Garth Lotheg

My burglar Dhrun has been marooned at Echad Dagoras for a long time, and I decided to take a break from Rohan and move him along. Since he’s level 65 already, I also decided to “bee-line” the Epic Quests for a bit – focus on the epic storyline until it outlevels me. At the very least, that would get Dhrun into Dunland somewhere. I could kick myself for letting him get so far behind but that’s OK, I can peck away at it.

Anyway, I worked on Vol 3 Book 3, Echoes of the Dead. While doing a session play quest that covered the history of Oath-breakers and the Paths of the Dead, I got a task to find some evidence of why Garth Lotheg was attacked. I found this:

Idol of Sauron
Idol of Sauron

Ah of course, so obvious.

I’m just going to put this out there, as a general rule – if I am ever in the position of becoming an evil overlord bent on dominating the world, my very first instructions to my loyal minions will be this: do NOT, under any circumstances, build an idol of me. That’s just going to warn the enemy we’re on the way.


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