Ready for Rohan!

I’ve been questing furiously trying to finish up the Brown Lands, Rushgore, Stangard, and so on. I just feel bad about leaving an area “unfinished” on my main character.

Now, after reaching kindred rep with Stangard, I have crafted my Great River armor, bought the Return to Stangard travel skill, leveled up my Level 75 Legendary Club and Belt (as a hobbit guardian, I regard any weapon other than a Club, or Great Club for you 2-handers out there, to be barbaric ;)), and am now finally ready for Rohan!

Great River Armor
Great River Armor

OK, small disclosure, I didn’t earn Kindred rep with Théodred’s Riders. In fact, I have a few Nan Curunír quests left to do. But dang it, I can’t hold off going to Rohan anymore. The anticipation is overwhelming me. I’ll come back to get kindred with Théodred, I promise.

Yes, only 4-5 weeks after all of Landroval is off riding their War Horses, Naerys finally crossed the river south of Ost Celebrant into Rohan. I haven’t done much, just a few quests in Langhold, but I also worked on the epic quest line and reached 3.7.8, Reading the Signs.

I believe that 3.8.1, War-steeds from the Wold, is where I get my war-horse, and I am really looking forward to that!

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