Syncaine asks if we need to come up with different terminology for the full spectrum of MMOs. Currently the term MMO covers a huge range, from ones that don’t require much time to ones that do, and everything in between. Syncaine’s post gives examples from bite-sized 30 minute chunks to “20hrs+, with solid 2-3+ regular hour blocks and being able to play during the prime nights (Tues, Thurs, Sunday), while also being able to schedule to play 3-4+ hours for something major”.

Thing is, activities that require 20+ hours a week, blocks during primetime, and scheduling for major events already have a name: part-time jobs. But jobs typically involve salary.

So I would suggest calling them: unpaid part-time jobs!

I jest, sort of. Syncaine points out Syp doesn’t mention other players, I would point out Syncaine does not mention actually having fun playing in his manner (he does mention that it isn’t fun to solo or be casual in DarkFall). Manning a wall for hours, loss of investment and training after somebody moves on?

Hmm… actually sounds more like a seasonal or temporary unpaid part-time job.

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