Quick Notes


I read Zubon’s elementalist review over at KTR, and worth a read. Granted, chances you are already reading that site if you are here but just in case.

That experience mimics my own. My ele Aurora Tian is level 80, and fights are tough in the Orr areas. Mobs almost always come in twos and threes and they hit hard; an add often sends me fleeing. Some skills have lengthy cooldowns and if you don’t swap attunements, you definitely miss out on playing as well as you can. It’s a fun class, but I’m going to finish off some exploration before continuing the storyline. Plus, I am leveling an engineer as well. 🙂


This isn’t specific to LoTRO, but should be of interest. I follow a data visualization blog, and am interested in stats, and found the Lord of the Rings Visualized interesting. The linked site, LoTR Project, is really interesting too!

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