GW2 – Dragon Fight!

I advanced my elementalist to Sparkfly Fen, which features the world boss Tequatl the Sunless, an undead dragon. Periodically I’d see other players ask for an estimated time to the next appearance… and my interest was piqued. Eventually I was on and ready when Tequatl appeared, so I zipped over to the Splintered Coast Waypoint and joined in.

Dragon in Sparkfly Fen!
Dragon in Sparkfly Fen!

Overall it was a lot of fun. It was a long and crazy fight involving a bunch of Risen adds, beating a bone wall down, attacking the dragon and avoiding rings of damage…

Support Role
Support Role

While waiting for cooldowns on my skills, I switched over the Water attunement and started healing. Well, providing regeneration as best I could, and lingering in the back and helping to rez others. I had fun in a mixed role of dealing some damage to Tequatl, fighting occasional groups in the back, healing/regenerating, and rezzing.

Eventually we drove off the dragon and everybody rushed to the giant chest that appeared. The loot was mostly items I couldn’t use, so I checked what each sold for on the Trading Post before vendoring. But the loot wasn’t the highlight – the event itself was a fun time!

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