GW2 – Pre Launch

So, the much anticipated day that Guild Wars 2 rolled out early finally arrived… I couldn’t stay up until 3 am Eastern time (or maybe midnight since there was a hint the game might open early. But I’m not staying up late just in case.) so I tried grabbing some character names I wanted early Saturday morning.

I had limited success, only getting 1 name out of 4. Oh well. The name I did get was “Glyneth”, from one of my favorite fantasy novels: Lyonesse: Suldrun’s Garden. The other 3 names I was hoping for were also from that book: Aillas, Suldrun, and Dhrun. Since other guild members from GW1 left a message that they were going to Dragonbrand, that’s where I started. Eventually I hope to catch up to my former guildies and join them again.

I didn’t have much time over the weekend to play, and as a result, I only have a level 5 Asuran elementalist. Yeah only level 5… I wonder if anybody hit max level during this head start weekend? 😉

The ele is a different choice for me, because the one profession I didn’t have from Guild Wars was… an elementalist. Not that I’m down on eles, its just that I made a mesmer first, really enjoyed that profession, and decided I’d be a bit slack in leveling another character and simply buy/unlock the ele skills on my mesmer; then when I wanted to play an ele, I’d go as an Me/E instead. I wouldn’t have Energy Storage, but with a Glyph of Energy and some other energy stealers, it was decent enough. But I digress…

The reason I decided to try an ele in GW2 first, is from reading other blogs that noted how many different skills eles have – basically 4 times as many considering the elemental skills unlocked across all the weapon types. I figured that would provide huge variety so why not see if I liked an ele from the start?

I took it pretty easy, deciding not to rush or do anything like that. Instead, I plan to complete each zone, doing the various quests and exploration unlocks, and follow the storyline when I’m the right level. I didn’t do any of the jumping puzzles in the preview weekend, so I also gave that a shot – here is my Asuran checking out the view near one of the Viewpoints:

Metrica View
Metrica View

I also rolled up a few other characters, filling all my slots. I made 5 different races and 5 different professions – not that I’ll play them all, but I may dabble a bit. I have an Asuran elementalist, a Sylvari mesmer, a Norn ranger, a Human guardian, and a Charr engineer.

So no thief, warrior, or necromancer for me, unless I buy more character slots. Even then, I’ll be plenty busy with the 5 I created, no need to bury myself even more.

So far so good, and my only complaint is with controlling the view. Turning (rotating the view) seems sluggish, like there is a bit of delay at first and then an acceleration to catch up. Perhaps this is partly a graphics card/driver issue or an option somewhere.

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