FE – Embry Crossroads

I hadn’t played Fallen Earth in a few weeks, so I decided to wander around in the Wasteland again. Ouch, it was a tough evening, as in difficult to play because I forgot quite a bit and/or had a challenging time just doing basic things!

Nearby thugs
Nearby thugs

First up, I forgot how to enter “fight” mode. I finally stumbled on… the TAB key. This let me fight some nearby thugs and mine the copper they were guarding.

As close as it gets to a hospital
As close as it gets to a hospital

After getting that sorted out, I went to clear two lingering crafting quests I had: Do No Harm, and Brewing Trouble. Both involved making supplies for the outpost, and involved items that were easily found or purchased. I went to the medicine crafting section in South Bluff and purchased some trade skill books, and soon enough was almost ready to craft the needed items.

While fighting mutant prairie chickens looking for tainted eggs (needed for one of the potions), I leveled up. This opened up more quest givers and I got one that took me to the next larger outpost in the area: Embry Crossroads. So I saddled up my trusty horse and rode there… but just outside my horse slowed down and I walked in the rest of the way. I couldn’t figure out what happened, when it hit me: I hadn’t fed my horse so it was low on food and thus very slow. Oops, sorry about that horsey!

Embry Crossroads
Embry Crossroads

Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out where to by extra feed – previously, I bought some at a garage outside South Bluff, but that would be a really long way to go on foot and/or a super slow horse, from Embry Crossroads. I wandered around to no avail; I need to find a garage near Embry Crossroads to get more horse feed.

Food for my horse
Food for my horse

EDIT: I got a little more time to play later in the evening, and decided I couldn’t stand having my horse starve. Oh, and also be stuck walking everywhere. 😉 So I searched around and found the garage on the outskirts – basically head north out of Embry Crossroads, take a right, and it is right off the road after a bit.

I attempted another quest, to collect DNA samples from four species surrounding Embry. I had to bumble around to figure out what to do here as well. The first species on the list was a creeper, so I search and found some of these scorpion-like animals. I fought and killed one, but the quest wouldn’t update. I didn’t have the skill to harvest it (needed my Nature skill to be higher) so I was stumped until I tried using the DNA kit in my inventory on a live creeper. That worked, except I died taking damage while taking the sample. I repeated this pattern two more times, including the deaths, for lizard and coyote samples. Fortunately, the prairie chicken didn’t kill me too, and I was able to get my fourth sample without dying.

Maybe I need to level up a bit more, or upgrade my armor or skills or figure things out more. 🙂

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