LoTRO – Heathfells

I’ve been on a bit of tear in LoTRO, trying to “catch up” before Riders of Rohan releases later this fall. Plus, the higher level I get, the more I want to hit the level cap, and then shift attention to the storyline, crafting, legendary items, and skirmishes.

I enjoy the landscape and various scenic views, so adventuring for long stretches of time is fine with me (especially when I have that opportunity, which doesn’t come that often).

Purple Flowers
Purple Flowers

Naerys became a bit of an arsonist in the Gap of Rohan – setting fire to huts, burning supplies, but hey it is for a good cause!

Torching Enemy Supplies
Torching Enemy Supplies

At the top of the hill in Heathfells, I entered an instance to assist Théodred’s Riders in their battle against local tribesmen. I had to burn 4 enemy flags, defend Grimbold, and defeat the enemy captain, Rurud. Waves of enemies ran into our defenses, and after a few fights, I left my allies and searched for enemy banners to burn. Unfortunately, after burning 3 flags and making my way to the 4th, Grimbold fell and I failed the instance.

I was sure the cause for this was me getting involved in too many 2- and 3-on-1 fights around the banners. I survived, but they were time consuming. So the next time, I stood at a distance from the banner, used my bow to draw the lone sentry over to me, and stayed away from additional aggro. When the coast was clear, I ran in to light the flag on fire and proceeded to the next flag. This went much faster and after burning all flags, I returned to find the enemy captain battling my allies. Grimwold’s morale was midway down, so he was not in any danger of defeat.

Hilltop Fight
Hilltop Fight

I was able to taunt all the enemies to me, and settled into a battle with Rurud, with some help from a Rohirrim soldier. We eventually defeated him, only to be taunted by a Nazgûl from the top of a rock!


The foul beast left a warning about Mordor’s growing strength, before flying away.

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