GW2 – Metrica Province

The reality is I don’t always get to invest “a lot” of time during a preview weekend, but am I happy to dabble as much as possible. I only got to play a bit more, advancing my Asuran mesmer just shy of 5th level, along the story line where Zojja has been captured and we need to break in a free her.

Something fun along the way was an underwater area:


I haven’t had an underwater adventure since, gee I guess it would be World of Warcraft or an Elder Scrolls game. There were some short swims in DDO but no combat that I’ve seen (so far). I generally don’t like underwater because of the difficulty with 3D navigation, plus the time limit on your character’s breath. But that concern was addressed quite nicely here in GW2 – no breath timer! This was fantastic as I could then concentrate on the quests, combat, moving in 3D, and not have to keep checking how long I had before drowning or running out of air or what have you.

I also noticed that my skillbar changed when underwater, and combat eventually unlocked other skills. That will be another dimension to consider while playing.

RC Golem Combat
RC Golem Combat

Before plunging in for my aquatic adventure, I tried out the RC Golems, which was fun. On Friday the area was jammed I could never get a station, but now everybody has moved on so it wasn’t a problem. Golem combat is simple: give them instructions (turn left/right, move forward) and attack the enemy golem. I fortunately had the benefit of playing the AI two times, which let me have the initial attack and thus the upper hand in the battle of attrition.

Anyway, I am having fun so far, and not burning out during the preview by playing every single moment I can. If I can I’d like to hit level 5, try the next stage of my personal story (in the Asura area), and then maybe visit my Sylvari character a little bit. If not, well in just over a month I’ll be able to peck away at GW2 whenever I can since it will be released. 🙂

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